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"Interpretation of New Guidelines for A-share Sustainability Reports" successfully held in Beijing


On March 6, the seminar on "Embracing New Opportunities of Sustainable Development: Interpretation of New Guidelines for A-share Sustainability Reports" hosted by GoldenBee Consulting was successfully held in Beijing.

With the momentum of sustainability-related disclosures, this event has enjoyed the attention of many public companies. More than 30 company representatives participated in person and had in-depth discussions with experts.

Mr. Yin Gefei, founder of GoldenBee Consulting and member of the ESG Committee of the China Association for Public Companies (CAPCO), was the guest speaker for the interpretation. He decoded the Guidelines for Self-Regulation of Listed Companies—Sustainability Report (Exposure Draft) from four dimensions, including its structure and main content, features and highlights, changes brought by the Guidelines, and responsive thoughts and suggestions.

There were over 10 cases introduced by Mr. Yin Gefei for further practical guidance about special terms such as "the methods adopted by the company in strategy formulation and major decision-making processes to address sustainability-related impacts, risks and opportunities", "the evaluation and judgment of sustainability-related impacts, risks and opportunities", and "the transformation plans, measures, and progress that the disclosing entity should disclose to address climate-related risks and opportunities".


During the interaction, company representatives engaged in in-depth discussions on the impacts and challenges brought to the new regulations on corporate governance structure, as well as the issue of inconsistent data disclosed before and after the implementation of the new regulations, and the different disclosure standards between groups and its subsidiaries. Mr. Yin also provided detailed answers.

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