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GoldenBee listed top 50 of Chinese consulting institutions


The "2023 Annual Meeting on Management Consulting and Training" organized by the China Enterprise Confederation's Management Consulting Work Committee took place in Xiamen on November 28. At the conference, the "2023 Top 50 List of Chinese Management Consulting Institutions" was unveiled, and Goldenbee Consulting secured a position on this prestigious list.

The "Top 50 List of Chinese Management Consulting Institutions" follows the international norm by considering annual operational revenue as the criterion for inclusion, certified by an expert committee before its release. This list signifies top-quality brands within China's strategy and management consulting sector and sets a benchmark for navigating intricate environments and achieving high-quality growth.


As one of the earliest organizations in China dedicated to advancing social responsibility and sustainable development, Goldenbee Consulting upholds the belief that "responsible competitiveness leads to sustainable development." It has been at the forefront, offering specialized services in consulting, research, training, and the development of sustainable brands in the field. Its commitment lies in becoming a Chinese think tank for global sustainable development.
The selection this time once again reaffirms Goldenbee Consulting's professionalism and strength in consulting services for social responsibility and sustainability. Looking ahead, Goldenbee Consulting will continue to uphold the cultural spirit "Be With One," embracing the core philosophy of "Being the First, the Only, the Specialized, and the Integrated." It aims to provide even more professional and high-quality services for society and clients, establishing itself as a premier brand in the realm of social responsibility and sustainable development.
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