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Yin Gefei receives ESG Explorer of the Year Award


On December 20, 2023, Jiemian.com, under the Shanghai United Media Group, announced winners of the 2023 ESG Pioneer 60 Awards in Shanghai. Mr. Yin Gefei, founder of GoldenBee Consulting, was granted the ESG Explorer of the Year Award.Mr. Yin Gefei is an expert in CSR and sustainability, an expert of the ISO Working Group on Social Responsibility for ISO 26000, drafting expert of GB 36000 National Social Responsibility Standards, and the academic vice chairman of Think-Tank of China Corporate Social Responsibility. His research mainly focuses on CSR, Corporate Citizenship and Innovation Management since 2003. He also conducts innovative researches and has unique insights on CSR management and sustainable brands.In 2023, GoldenBee Consulting launched the OneESG digital technology platform. Based on cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence technology, GoldenBee Consulting pioneered monetization of ESG factors and conducted ESG value accounting for all A-share listed companies and mainland companies listed in Hong Kong since 2017, which is of great significance for enterprises and investors. The monetization of ESG value can better integrate with corporate valuation models, and accordingly, it reflects the conductive impact on the future financial performance of the enterprise. This not only helps assess the sustainability capability of enterprises, but also provides more valuable reference information for investment decisions.

Mr. Yin Gefei expressed that GoldenBee Consulting is one of the first professional organizations to embrace social responsibility and sustainable development in China. In 2023, the China Association for Public Companies (CAPCO) released the ESG Value Accounting Report for Chinese Listed Companies (2023). GoldenBee Consulting, the Member Unit of its ESG Committee, provided technical support. The Report is a pioneering exploration of a world leading ESG evaluation system with Chinese characteristics. In the future, GoldenBee Consulting, as a Chinese think tank for global sustainable development, will make continuous and unremitting efforts to contribute China's strength to promote the development of sustainable finance across the world.
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