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GoldenKey·SGCC Special collection debuted on COP 28

2023-12-26China Sustainability Tribune责任编辑0

On December 5, 2023, the “2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions” collection, a fruitful outcome of “GoldenKey·SGCC Special” in 2022, debuted on COP 28 in Dubai, along with the China Sustainability Tribune, and won praise from Xin Bao’an, chairman of State Grid Corp of China (SGCC) and chief of the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), which reads, “the SGCC should spread such short and wonderful stories more.”
On December 5, an event themed “Inclusive, Just and Resilient Energy Transition: GEI Solution and Practices” was hosted in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, as one of the activities for the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), with in-depth discussions on how to promote high-quality and sustainable energy transition. At the event, the debuted 2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions (four series), a collection of outstanding SGCC SDG solutions to energy transition received the attention and praise from Xin Bao’an.
Xin Bao’an, chairman of SGCC, praised the 2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions
Xin Bao’an carefully flipped through the 2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions, a collection of outstanding GoldenKey·SGCC Special projects after hearing relevant introductions from Xiang Nan, Director of International Cooperation of the China Sustainability Tribune to the GoldenKey·SGCC Special. He expressed that the SGCC needs to spread "short and wonderful" SDG solutions which can be easily seen in the collection. Short and wonderful solutions, which are low-cost, fast-acting and easy to be implemented, are suitable to be applied to developing countries to solve their problems concerning energy supply and energy transition. He emphasized that solutions essential to the SGCC should not only be easy to spread, but also able to solve specific problems.
Exhibition of the 2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions on China Pavilion
The 2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions received interests from participants of COP28
In June 2022, the SGCC and the China Sustainability Tribune jointly initiated the first GoldenKey·SGCC Special in 2022, with a focus on four types of urgent and thorny social or environment challenges, including “Do not Let Charging Problem Fetter the Development of Electric Vehicles”, “Promoting Shore Power, Protecting Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains”, “Resolving Conflict Between Nature and Power Lines” and “Boosting Consumption-side Carbon Emissions Reduction”, in their endeavors to solve global problems and propose Chinese solutions. SGCC subsidiaries competed for the awards and submitted 135 actions for the four “Lists of Challenges”, demonstrating a large batch of SGCC’s successful practices to SDGs.
2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions collection
To tell stories about SGCC SDG Solutions well to all walks of life and to the international community, the China Sustainability Tribune summarizes excellent SGCC solutions and publishes the selected 2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions, a collection of outstanding SGCC SDG solutions through further summary and refinement according to the GoldenKey criteria. The collection is divided into four series by the four "Lists of Challenges", containing 87 excellent corporate practices from the 2022 GoldenKey-SGCC Special.
The 2022 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions is the first collection of the SGCC aiming to comprehensively and specifically showcase its outstanding CSR and SDG practices. As a model of the SGCC’s work in tackling such challenges that features innovation, uniqueness and breakthroughs, it can be reproduced and generalized. It is not only an excellent outcome of the SGCC’s contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, but also a solution for SGCC subsidiaries to learn from each other and to be reproduced and generalized, and more importantly, a model for spreading stories of a central SOE's contributions to the SDGs.
To further realize the value of the GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions, the collection is used as a teaching reference for business schools and management schools in universities or colleges to raise future leaders’ awareness of sustainable development. It will promote mutual learning among enterprises and the branding of SDG actions for enterprises committed to contributing to the realization of SDGs. It will showcase and promote SGCC’s experiences in SDG actions via an international platform to tell SDG stories of the SGCC.
Welcome to subscribe to the 2023 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions
In November 2023, the release ceremony of the (second) "GoldenKey·SGCC Special” was successfully concluded, and a large batch of outstanding SGCC SDG solutions to the four types of challenges were selected, including unleashing the empowering value of electricity big data, building a green and modern digital and intelligent supply chain, SGCC’s green endeavors to protect the beauty of Nature, and facilitating energy saving, carbon reduction and efficiency improvements on the consumption side.
Under the guidance of the SGCC, the China Sustainability Tribune will continuously collect outstanding “GoldenKey·SGCC Special” actions and publish the selected 2023 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions (four series), a collection of the second “GoldenKey·SGCC Special” actions.
The 2023 GoldenKey-SGCC SDG Solutions has now entered the publication process and will be published in May 2024. If interested, please subscribe to the collection in advance (subscriptions are based on the number of sets, with a recommended minimum of 5 sets). Please contact Gao Tianyu at 86-18311188016 for subscription.
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