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2023 "GoldenKey-SDG Solutions" collection begins


Sustainable development is the “golden key” to solving current global problems.

2023 "GoldenKey-SDG Solutions" collection begins, marking a new journey for seeking and promoting excellent actions on sustainable development.

The "GoldenKey-SDG Solutions" Campaign was initiated by China Sustainability Tribune in October 2022. It aims to find and shape the SDG action models in China, spread the story of China's sustainable development action, and contribute to promoting sustainable development in China and even the world.

The GoldenKey Campaign has been held for three consecutive years, and has attracted the attention and recognition of all parties related to sustainable development. It has been widely participated in and supported by companies in China. As one of the most influential and international sustainable development activities in China, the GoldenKey Campaign was selected as the UN Good Practices in 2021, which was highly recognized around the world.

The GoldenKey Campaign is a race towards 2030, and also a promotion and exchange activity towards the UN SDGs. To find and collect more excellent actions with GoldenKey characteristics, the China Sustainability Tribune has started to collect SDG solutions this year. The collection is expected to last until August. Enterprises and experts are welcome to apply/recommend corporate actions that contribute to the UN SDGs at any time.

Based on the existing selection standard and process, the 2023 GoldenKey Campaign will select exemplary and influential excellent SDG actions, discover the story of China's sustainable development, contribute China’s SDG  solutions to the world, and pool more business strength for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.






1. State-owned and state-controlled enterprises in China, private enterprises, domestic and overseas companies in China, domestic joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned and holding companies in China, and relevant organizations can recommend or self recommend cases.

2. Since January 1, 2016, corporate actions that align with UN SDGs, or solve social or environmental problems.

3. For enterprises that have already participated in “GoldenKey - SDG Solutions Campaign” (2020-2022) before, it is recommended not to submit the same action (unless with new innovations and breakthroughs).



According to the UN SDGs, we recommend relevant actions and practices from six major areas, including green development, inclusion and equality, tech for SDGs, responsible finance, responsible governance, and business innovation.

Several categories can be applied, including 30·60 Decarbonization Pioneer, Zero Waste, Action4nature, Rural Vitalization, Well-being for All, Quality Education, Sustainable Consumption, Tech4SDG, Sustainable Finance, We Are the World, ESG Innovation, etc. (To be adjusted according to the actual application)



We always regard the evaluation criteria as the vitality of the GoldenKey Campaign. Specifically, actions in line with the “GoldenKey AMIVE Criteria” are welcome to apply.

1. Accuracy: Pinpoint the causes to better hunt possible solutions

2. Match: Find the “highly-matched” solutions

3. Innovation: Apply innovation to relieve key barriers

4. Value: Create comprehensive and multiple values through problem-solving

5. Evaluation: Resonate with stakeholders for positive evaluations



In order to ensure the fairness, professionalism and influence of the "GoldenKey - SDG Solutions" selection, the judges are experts with:

● Broad vision: professionals from research institutions and senior editors of the China Sustainability Tribune;

● Excellent experience: managers with rich leadership experience in CSR/SDG field from the business community;

● Academic achievements: achievers from academia with outstanding insights and influence in CSR/SDG

Head coach of GoldenKey Campaign: Professor June Qian, Associate Dean of Academics at Schwarzman College, Director of Research Center for Green Economy and Sustainable Development,  Tsinghua University,  will give direction and guidance for the GoldenKey Campaign in 2023.

Submission deadline


August 2023

Submission method


Please scan the QR code below or vist the website for submission.

(http://www.sdg-china.net/SGDHighlights/info.aspx?itemid=68310 for submission)


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