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Salute to GoldenKey·Champion丨Play a symphony of sustainability



Sustainable development is the "golden key" to solving current global problems.

As the broadest consensus reached in human history around the world, we need to find, build and make good use of the “golden key” of sustainable development.

As an actor with a significant impact on the economic and social environment, enterprises are an important force in promoting sustainable development. In China, more and more enterprises are building consensus on sustainable development and responding to the questions of the times and the world with actions.

China Sustainability Tribune, together with the business community, academia and professional institutions, jointly launched the "GoldenKey - SDG Solutions", and proposed the "GoldenKey AMIVE Standard", that is, Accuracy, Match, Innovation, Value, and Evaluation.

On December 16, the 2022 "GoldenKey·Champion" was announced. Let’s review the wonderful moments of champion actions on sustainability.


GoldenKey·SGCC Special

In 2022, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Sustainability Tribune jointly launched the GoldenKey·SGCC Special. SGCC subsidiaries actively tackled the key problems and declared 135 action plans. After fierce competition, 5 actions won the "GoldenKey·Champion".

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

EV charging


Smart street lamp poles allow "parking" and "charging" in old communities

(Ningbo Power Supply Company of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd)

SGCC Ningbo Power Supply Company makes full use of existing resources to build smart charging street lamp poles in a low-cost and replicable way. In the next stage, it is expected to build a stop-and-charge smart city charging network through further promotion to help the green development of cities and digital and intelligent transformation.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Port shore power


Help inland river power to be "fully covered, easy to use and strictly managed"

(Wuxi Power Supply Company of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd)

After completing the shore power of the big rivers, SGCC Wuxi Power Supply Company set its sights on inland tributary ports and small wharves. Through the integrated operation and maintenance of shore power system and the whole process management, a promotion model is innovatively proposed, so that small enterprises and small boats can access to the green transformation of reaching the destination, solve the problem of shore power promotion, and protect the nature.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Lines and nature


"Combination of loosening and blocking" to protect lines and birds

(Aba Power Supply Company of State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company)

Aiming to build nests for love and share pole towers, SGCC Aba Power Supply Company, based on physical occupancy and active displacement of birds in the key protected areas of transmission line towers,  installs artificial nests and perches on non-important parts of the towers, so as to resolve the contradiction between birds and lines by comprehensive management. 


Solve the symbiotic problem of urban development and wetland protection

(Hangzhou Power Supply Company of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd)

SGCC Hangzhou Power Supply Company shows the beauty of ecological integration in an all-round and multi-angle manner. They integrate power grid planning into surrounding wetland planning, and help protect the ecology while steadily increasing wetlands value by having power lines buried underground, reducing interference of new lines, and guaranteeing "power supply" with smart grids.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Carbon reduction on the consumption side


Low-carbon building renovation with "light" plan but "strong" effect

(Bingjiang Branch of Hangzhou Power Supply Company of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd)

SGCC Binjiang Power Supply Company integrates a new generation of digital intelligent technology and lightweight equipment, and takes the lead in launching a "light" solution (low-carbon building transformation+intelligent governance) to achieve precise energy saving and ultimate carbon reduction. The whole process does not affect the office or building structure.


GoldenKey - SDG Solutions

From early summer to severe winter, from roadshow to voting, the GoldenKey Organizing Committee carried out multiple rounds of evaluation, and selected 14 "GoldenKey·Champion" in 11 themes from 124 actions of 109 enterprises as the annual model of sustainable development in China.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Well-being for All


"Tongzhou Plan" to promote sound development of professional takeaway rider

(Meituan Waimai)

To bravely shoulder social responsibility, strengthen humanistic care and realize the sustainable development of enterprises and society, Meituan Waimai gives full play to the advantages and characteristics of Internet enterprises and launches "Tongzhou Plan" to build a benign ecological development for delivery riders, enabling this group that supports the functioning of society and provides livelihood to work with a sense of gain and happiness.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Rural Vitalization


Chain-network integration bridges  rural and urban resources

(JD Logistics)

Starting from new infrastructure, logistics, cold chain, sorting and processing, and brand marketing, JD Logistics builds an integrated supply chain of production, marketing and distribution, and uses the strategies of "selling agricultural products online" and "express delivery to the countryside" to connect urban and rural logistics and commodities, promote urban-rural resource exchange and increase farmers' income.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Quality Education


Sow the "golden seed" of rural aesthetic education

(Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc.)

There is a symbiotic relationship between the stationery industry and educational development. M&G fully leverages its corporate culture and creativity, promotes educational resource balance with creativity, improves aesthetic education at the village-town-county level with schools, and activates the villages' endogenous power. The diversified sustainable development actions have been carried out by setting up the M&G Rainbow Fund to lead the industry for good.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Sustainable Consumption


Low-carbon consumption in Starbucks "Greener Stores"

(Starbucks Enterprise Management (China)Co., Ltd.)

With the greener vision, Starbucks is committed to growing sustainable coffee and operating in a sustainable way. The greener store system is an invitation letter for consumers to green future, and a testing ground for comprehensively exploring green retail and creating low-carbon scenarios. By impressing and inspiring more consumers, the greener stores spread the concept of sustainable consumption.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion



5G and Beidou high-accuracy positioning help build a strong security perimeter for natural disaster prevention

(China Mobile Communication Group Limited)

Technology is an important force for human progress. China Mobile leverages the advantages of 5G communication technology and the high-precision spatiotemporal capabilities in the disaster prevention and mitigation industry of Beidou avigation Satellite System (BDS) . The "hardcore" technology comprehensively contributes to the digitalization and intelligence of national disaster prevention and mitigation work, and deeply promotes the application of BDS. While empowering thousands of industries, it protects people's lives and national security.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Sustainable Finance


Boost the development of rural micro and small clients through microcredit

(Chongho Bridge Management Limited)

Responsible investment and financing activities are inevitable choices for financial institutions. For more than 20 years, Chongho has taken root in the rural market, combined social incentive mechanism and business innovation methods, given full play to the complementary and connected role, continuously expanded the supply of financial services, provided farmers with tailored microcredit products and financial services, and achieved good social benefits and commercial returns.


Implement self-reliance investment to serve rural vitalization with market-oriented industrial funds

(SDIC Chuangyi Co., Ltd.)

With the vision of sustainable development and the concept of impact investing, SDIC Chuangyi explores a new model of promoting rural vitalization with industrial funds, forms a sustainable financial system with the characteristics of central SOEs, and serves the major national development strategies with market-oriented means. With the vision of creating a better life with excellent investment, it makes a social impact beyond financial value.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion



He E-charger: safe charger expert for low-carbon travel

(China Mobile IoT Company Limited)

with an aim to create a sustainable business environment through innovation and change, China Mobile IoT launched the "Internet +" city-level safe charging solution - He E-charger. Industrial-grade quality hardware ensures safety while intelligent platform management getting more convenient. Charging safety is more assured, management is more standardized, and emission reduction is increasing year by year.


Perspective on urban underground space: to construct underground pipe network for a co-governance ecosystem based on industry-univerity-research-application collaboration

(Chongming Power Supply Company of State Grid Shanghai Municipal Power Company)

For Shanghai, which has entered the stage of urban renewal, underground space is like a "gold mine". SGCC Chongming Power Supply Company takes the operation and maintenance efficiency improvement of underground pipe network as the starting point, digitizes the underground pipe network, visualizes management, and makes the information platform to make the urban power grid more "smooth" and stronger, and protect the "lifeline" of smart cities.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Resilient Value Chains


Create a responsible supply chain with new model to fight COVID-19

(JD Logistics)

Maintaining the resilience and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain is an important guarantee for economic development. Over the years, JD Logistics has adhered to the investment in supply chain infrastructure, the precipitation of technical algorithms, and the research practice of future trends and changes. It drives the high-quality development of logistics with a responsible supply chain model that is rigid, flexible and resilient, and creates value for merchants, consumers and the whole society.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

Zero Waste


Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Program for a zero-carbon future

(Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd.)

The value carried by a pair of sneakers is being extended infinitely. Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Program is the company's key plan to implement zero-carbon emissions and zero waste, building a bridge for people to jointly participate in social undertakings, and reuse the old shoes, supporting the hope of countless children's healthy growth in the future.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion



Armor of Electricity guards the range of Mt. Baishanzu

(Lishui Power Supply Company, Qingyuan County Power Supply Company of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd)

Trying to make everything inhabit and grow in its most natural state, SGCC Lishui and Qingyuan County power supply companies have established a prevention and control system, improved the quality of the ecosystem of Mt. Baishanzu with a triple biodiversity conservation network. They promoted the stable and orderly development of the local area from economy, environment and society, and explored a set of ecological power schemes for the safe development of national parks.



"Digital Panda" project to boost intelligent cultural tourism

(China Mobile Group Sichuan Co., Ltd.)

5G+ technology protects national treasures. China Mobile Sichuan's integrated ecological perception system built with 5G provides rich and low-carbon digital intelligent cultural tourism solutions for national parks and nature reserves. The company calls on the whole society to jointly promote the protection of giant pandas and biodiversity, and help the development of China's environmental protection.

2022 GoldenKey·Champion

30·60 Decarbonization Pioneer


Build regional distributed PV carbon inclusive market to leverage carbon value

(Suzhou Power Supply Company of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd.)

To create a low-carbon golden key will make electricity cleaner and life better. The market-based carbon inclusive system of voluntary emission reduction trading launched by SGCC Suzhou Power Supply Company provides enterprises with carbon emission reduction certification and trading services at their doorstep, establishes a regional emission reduction trading system, and promotes the green and low-carbon transformation of production methods.


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