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Save the date: the 27th Sino-European RT Forum on Dec.1


As a professional and practical communication platform and channel for corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Sino-European CSR Roundtable Forum has been successfully held 26 times in the past years. It has been well received by stakeholders and conducted with great support from participants, including relevant Chinese government departments, CSR organizations as well as Chinese and European enterprises.

In recent years, ESG has become a mainstream in the world, not only favoured by investors in the capital market, but also attracts more and more attention from governments, institutions and enterprises. Its influence is impossible to ignore. As one of the regional organizations that actively respond to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the EU was the first to initiate ESG actions, and has intensively advanced a series of amendments to ESG-related regulations in the past five years, accelerating the maturity of ESG in the European market. In China, with the announcement of China’s 30•60 Decarbonization Goal in 2020 and the new regulations on information disclosure issued by regulators and stock exchanges, the popularity of ESG concepts is also rising. Large listed companies and tech companies that are used to being at the forefront of trends are gradually beginning to disclose their ESG reports.

The supply chain is a key part that runs through the economic industry. How to embed ESG elements into supply chain management to secure high-quality products and services, enhance the market advantages and competitiveness, the resilience of the supply chain, and promote a unified value concept and management tools in the upstream and downstream, the 27th Forum focuses on this topic and will invite well-known company representatives, sustainability experts, brands and suppliers to share ESG policies, standards and supply chain management practices, with the purpose of helping enterprises reduce potential risks such as international trade, policy, climate, and industrial transformation towards sustainable supply chains.



- amfori

- China Sustainability Tribune


Supporting Organizations

- China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) 

- China Electronics Standardization Association – CSR Committee (CESA-CSR) 

-  Hong Kong Productivity Council(HKPC)  


Date: 1 December 

Form: Online


Official languages: Chinese/English

Should you have interest to participate, please contact Ms. Yang Mingming by Email:mingming.yang@goldenbeechina.com or Tel: +86 13371699060. We will send you the livestreaming link by email.


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