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Bird Protection Initiative of Chinese Youth launched at COP27


The 27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 27) was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. On the Youth and Future Generations Day on November 10 at COP27, the Youth Environmentally Friendly Actions Committee of All-China Environment Federation (“ACEF-YEFAC”), together with supporters, officially launched the Birds Protection and Climate Action Initiative of Chinese Youth (hereinafter referred to as the Initiative) at UNFCCC Press Conference.

Scan the QR code above to view the Initiative launch video from UNFCCC Press Conference 

Ms. Gao Jinyi, Secretary General of ACEF-YEFAC, firstly introduced the background and purpose of the Initiative. She said, “Through the Initiative, we hope to inspire youth communities around the world to conserve the earth’s eco-environment and jointly foster the harmonious co-existing relations between human and Nature, to showcase the powerful spiritual charm of the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and to contribute Chinese youth’s wisdom and strength to building a fair and rational global climate governance system for win-win results.”

Speech by Ms. Gao Jinyi

The initiative gives guidance on bird protection from 4 aspects.

01 Develop consciousness of cherishing and protecting birds correctly.

· We must uphold and act on the principle that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and recognize the importance and necessity of ecological protection and bird protection.

· We must pursue material and cultural-ethical advancement, and establish the awareness and habit of caring for the environment and birds in daily life.

02 Actively improve the knowledge and ability of respecting and protecting birds.

· Study relevant policies, laws and regulations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, the Wildlife Protection Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), and the List of Endangered and Protected Species of China.

· Learn the basic concepts and knowledge about environment, ecology and birds; recognize the important role and value of birds in the natural ecological environment, and understand the impact of environmental change and climate change on birds.

03 Take the initiative to cherish and protect birds.

· Advocate green consumption, and prioritize ecological protection, conserve resources and use them efficiently, and pursue green and low-carbon development; and integrate energy conservation and emission reduction into daily life, and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

· Preserve bird habitat and protect the diversity, stability and sustainability of the ecosystem; do not cut down trees and vegetation, do not destroy water wetlands; and protect bird breeding grounds, migration areas and wintering grounds.

· Protect birds, keep a proper distance from wild birds, and don’t hurt, hunt, raise, eat or feed them at will.

· Watch and photograph birds in a civilized and eco-friendly manner; do not disturb or chase birds, do not expose the location of the nest, do not watch for a long time to shoot birds rearing fledgling, and do not shine bright light on the birds at night.

· If we find injured, sick, trapped, lost wild birds or nestlings falling out of the nest, we should promptly send them back to an inhospitable place or report them to the local wildlife protection department or agency for assistance.

· Once we discover the illegal hunting and trading of birds and the destruction of wild bird habitats, we should undertake efforts to stop that or report to local law enforcement departments in a timely manner if possible.

· Actively promote the protection of the environment and birds, advocate green consumption and low-carbon life, and disseminate the positive energy of ecological civilization.

04 Strive to achieve the special task of cherishing and protecting birds.

· Read a bird book, watch a bird feature film, observe and know the birds around us …

· Take an active part in a bird-watching activity in the park, visit a nature/animal/bird museum, attend a lecture on bird science...

· Join a public welfare organization for bird protection, participate in a bird survey/research/rescue activity, and take an active part in a bird habitat improvement action (setting up nest boxes, drinker, restoring vegetation, etc.) 

Then the bird protection ambassador of ACEF-YEFAC, a virtual idol named Ling Yuan Yousa, who has over 3 million fans in China, called for more young people to participate in the bird protection actions via video at the press conference, and elaborated the need for bird protection.

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) also actively participated in the launch of the Initiative. Mr. Zhu Jie, a youth representative from SGCC, shared how they resolved the bird nesting problems on power transmission towers through innovative technologies at work, and the joint efforts SGCC made in collaboration with the government to protect the endangered species - Oriental Stork, including establishing the “Oriental Stork Reserve”, facilitating the government to issue the Measures on Strengthening the Construction and Management of the Oriental Stork Reserve in Gaoyou, and setting up a bird protection volunteer service team, which fully demonstrated the resolution and wisdom of Chinese enterprises to promote the harmonious development of economy, nature and society.

Online speech by SGCC

The launch of the Initiative was echoed and supported by universities, enterprises and social organizations in China. At the same time, as one of the key actions of the “Eudemon of Birds” project co-initiated by ACEF-YEFAC and the “Buy+ Research Institute” channel owned by GoldenBee at Bilibili.com on May 14, 2022, the World Migratory Bird Day, the launch of the Initiative also showcased to the world the determination and faith of Chinese youth, enterprises and social organizations in active climate change responses and biodiversity conservation with professional capabilities.


It is reported that Buy+ Research Institute, as the co-initiator of the "Eudemon of Birds" project, will continue to track and report the follow-up progress of this Initiative. In addition to the original video competition at Bilibili.com and the launch of the Initiative, the "Eudemon of Birds" project will also work with Yousa and more project supporters to bring more exciting activities.

To stay tuned to the project, or to review the video of "Eudemon of Birds", please scan the QR code below to enter the Buy+ Research Institute channel for more content.

 Please scan the QR code for the Chinese and English version of the Initiative.
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