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Save the Date: the 17th International CSR Forum



Since 2005, the International CSR Forum has been held for 16 consecutive sessions. The forum always adheres to the principle of “professionalism” and “internationalization”, insists in the policy of “encouragement, help, cultivation and promotion” to exchange the progress and development trend of CSR in China and the world and explore the ways for enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, playing a positive role in promoting the CSR development in China.

2022 is a key year for China's 14th Five-Year Plan, with more companies participating in and responding to China’s 30·60 Goal. In the face of various conflicts and uncertainties, how to improve the global dispute resolution mechanism, urban governance system, business development model and enterprise operation mode is of great significance to the realization of sustainable human development.

The 17th International CSR Forum will be held in Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing on July 21-22, 2022. We sincerely invite you and your colleagues to attend the event.


Hosts: GoldenBee ThinkTank, China Sustainability Tribune

Co-hosts: CSR Europe, CBCC

Professional Support by: GoldenBee Consulting

Visual Support by: GoldenBee Brand Communication


Venue:  Vanke Times 

Address:  No. 9 Wangjing Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing



Should you have interest to participate it in person, please scan the QR code for registration.

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