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The 4th GoldenBee CSR Academic Seminar on Dec.2


As an important force in pioneering CSR theories, popularizing CSR management, and spreading CSR practices, the academia has contributed to the sustainable and healthy CSR development in China. The academic research can by no means be separated from enterprises' practices. Facing the future, how to better engage the academia in transforming the latest CSR theories into the basis of corporate management to help companies further achieve sustainable development; how to promote extensive exchanges between the academia and companies to extract the latest CSR practices into management theories so as to bring greater value; and how to apply the latest achievements of industries, academia and research institutes to educate and train talents for sustainable development in the future -- these are common challenges facing the academic and business circles.

At the 2021 CSR Carnival, GoldenBee Thinktank will continue to work with the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing and HUST GoldenBee CSR Research Institute to jointly host the Fourth GoldenBee CSR Academic Seminar. Domestic and foreign experts, scholars, and business representatives will be invited to explain their research on social responsibility, explore methods on CSR education, and share innovative CSR practices, thus jointly promoting the spread of the CSR concept and leading the social sustainable development.
Host:     GoldenBee Thinktank
Co-hosts:  Embassy of Sweden in Beijing
HUST-GoldenBee CSR Research Institute
Partner:   Yakult (China) Corporation
Livestreaming link:


Should you have interest to participate, please scan QR code for registration or contact Mr. Fang Gang by (Email: gang.fang@goldenbeechina.com; Tel: +86 18623547981) by Dec. 1, 2021. 


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