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GoldenKey Enterprise Alliance for Low-carbon Action officially established and released the Carbon Zero Space Initiative



To achieve the 30 · 60 decarbonization goal and show Chinese enterprises’ low-carbon actions on COP26, the 3rd Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum and Roadshow of GoldenKey · Low-carbon Action with the theme of “action to the future” was successfully held in Beijing on October 19. During the Forum, the GoldenKey Enterprise Alliance for Low-carbon Action, initiated by GoldenKey Low-carbon Action Center as well as various enterprises, service organizations, industry organizations, research institutions, media and social organizations, was officially established and released the Carbon Zero Space Initiative. The GoldenKey Low-carbon Action Center was jointly established by China Sustainability Tribune and China International Low-carbon College of Shandong University of Finance and Economics. Wang Jingmin, professor of Shandong University of Finance and Economics, presided over the founding ceremony of the Alliance as representative of the Center.


Guided by the 30 · 60 decarbonization goal, the GoldenKey Enterprise Alliance for Low-carbon Action is committed to providing a platform for communication and cooperation for enterprises, academic institutions, media and social organizations to share their actions and achievements in the low-carbon field, thus forging the golden key to climate crisis through resource collaboration, leading the low-carbon transformation of Chinese enterprises and finally achieving carbon neutrality.


At the Forum, the GoldenKey Enterprise Alliance for Low-carbon Action launched four plans, including carbon zero space, low-carbon products, low-carbon education, and low-carbon industry. In the future, with the support of the Alliance Secretariat, the Alliance will help enterprises achieve low-carbon development and contribute to the realization of the 30 · 60 decarbonization goal through carrying out activities such as thematic actions, policy learning, communication and publicity, promotion of low-carbon products and technologies, and consultations.


Zhang Jiawang, president of China Shengmu Organic Milk Limted, gave a speech as representative of the Alliance. He believed that enterprises could form strong competitive advantages through green industrial upgrading as a response to the national decarbonization call and realize sustainable development while helping achieve the 30 · 60 decarbonization goal.


Yu Zhihong, president and editor-in-chief of China Sustainability Tribune, initiator of the GoldenKey, said that space, from school classrooms, production plants or office areas, party venues or shopping supermarkets, to dining room or living room, is the place for human survival, production and daily life. Space and human coexist, and the space is becoming more and more comfortable. In the new era, it is inevitable to cope with climate change, and our living and production space also calls for low-carbon transformation. Building and maintaining carbon zero space is the guarantee for low-carbon city, low-carbon production, low-carbon office, low-carbon life, low-carbon consumption and low-carbon travel. It is not only a technical work of space governance, but also a social movement and an ideological change.


The GoldenKey Enterprise Alliance for Low-carbon Action released the Carbon Zero Space Initiative on the same day. Representatives from the first batch of enterprises participating in the plan, including State Grid Jibei Zhangjiakou Wind and Photovoltaic Power Storage and Transmission New Energy Co., Ltd., China Overseas Commercial Properties Co., Ltd., Jianke Public Facilities Operation Management Co., Ltd. under China Construction Technology Consulting Co., Ltd, Shanghai Greater Management Co., Ltd., Chindata Group, Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co., Ltd., GoldenBee (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and Broad Group, announced their zero carbon space plans, and promised to contribute to the construction of the Carbon Zero Space Initiative. In the future, the Carbon Zero Space Initiative will join hands with space designers, builders, operators, users and space function providers from industries of energy, materials, electrical appliances/equipment, home furnishing, and daily necessities, as well as carbon zero space standard setters and consulting service providers to build a “Carbon Zero Space”.



Adhering to the principle of being open, sharing, voluntary and self-driven, the GoldenKey Enterprise Alliance for Low-carbon Action encourages and welcomes business entities and social organizations interested in promoting the low-carbon transformation of enterprises to join, and cooperate in the fields of zero-carbon space, low-carbon products, low-carbon industry and low-carbon education, jointly promoting the realization of the 30 · 60 decarbonization goal and forging the golden key to global climate crisis.


This article is translated from China Sustainability Tribune.

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