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High-Quality Development and Responsible Competitiveness 


High-quality development is the inevitable requirement to promote the economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. It is the inherent requirement of building the new development paradigm in the new era to pursue high-quality development and effectively meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

How can enterprises, the main role to promote high-quality economic development, find the right path to fulfill their responsibilities, meet social needs, enhance responsible competitiveness, and contribute to high-quality development? 

To this end, the Forum on High-Quality Development and Responsible Competitiveness was held in Beijing during the 16th International CSR Forum. Enterprise representatives were invited to share their views on CSR and their CSR practice in the new era.


"What is development for ultimately? It aims to meet the people's growing needs for a better life, better education, better work, better income, more reliable social guarantee, higher level of medical services, and more comfortable living conditions. The essence of responsible competitiveness is to continuously improve people's good life.” Zuo Yue, Director of China Public Relations Association, Director of the Party-Masses Affair Department and Professor-level Senior Engineer, China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. shared his view as a moderator of this forum.


Zhang Shujun, General Manager of Hebei Huatong Cable Group Co., Ltd. introduced the Group's experience in optimizing staff management and enhancing staff cohesion with the help of responsible competitiveness. 

As the Group develops, more employees with different background are recruited, and human resource management is facing great challenges. The Group innovates in ideas and unifies the staff's thinking during the annual military training. Various trainings and reading activities are held to improve the knowledge of employees and nurture their sense of identity with the Group. Welfare enterprises are set up to provide job opportunities for vulnerable groups.

By shaping a responsible corporate culture and combining corporate goals with employee goals, the Group has realized the growth of economic benefits, the improvement of employee work efficiency and the decrease of employee turnover rate. It has laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the Group  


Kuang Jinan, Chief Social Responsibility Officer of Linkedin, shared his understanding of CSR since he engaged in the field of social responsibility for 20 years and the CSR concept of Linkedin.

Kuang believed that CSR has three stages of development: first, the initial stage where enterprises give back to society by donating money; then, the transitional stage where enterprises value the use of charity funds, fields and benefits, and pursue the sustainable and promotable public welfare effect; finally, the stage where enterprises integrate social responsibility into operation, management, products and services by combining their business and professional advantages, so as to realize the common development of enterprises and the society, that is, the stage of responsible competitiveness.

When CSR fulfillment can have a positive impact on the corporate development, enterprises will assume social responsibility more spontaneously. In the process of CSR fulfillment, the economic social and environmental values will be highlighted simultaneously.  

Linkedin is social media platform for professional networking. We hope that by establishing a good workplace ecology, we can call on and influence professionals to help those who are about to enter the job market, so that more people can find opportunities, grow and realize a better future on this platform, achieving a win-win situation between enterprise value and social value.  


Li Zhuwen, Director of Sustainable Development, Head of Secretariat, China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. (CIMC), introduced the Group 's story of responsible competitiveness and sustainability philosophy.

As the world's leading supplier of logistics equipment and energy equipment, CIMC quickly established a group decision-making committee during special period to take a series of risk control measures against the global COVID-19 pandemic. The company not only managed the business risks, but also achieved the expected business performance in 2020, with the revenue increasing by 9.72% year on year, which demonstrated the company's sustainability resilience. At the same time, focusing on its core functions and missions, CIMC solved the pain points of customers and society through scientific, transparent and compliant operation, and provided high-quality and safe products and services.

In terms of green development, while vigorously building green factories, the company actively developed green products. For example, CIMC ENRIC helped the first "oil-gas-electricity" hybrid ship in China to make its maiden voyage, promoting the green shipping on the Yangtze River, and helping achieve the goals of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality". During the COVID-19 fighting, CIMC actively donated materials and cash, gave full play to its advantages in products and transportation to provide liquid oxygen tanks and vaccine transportation services to many places at home and abroad. During the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the company gave full play to its innovation and technological advantages, successfully completing the task of helping the Hong Kong government build an isolation center within two months by providing more than 900 modular houses on schedule.

Li held that CSR lies in five factors: "believe" in the trend and value of sustainable development; "learn" from peers and model enterprises; "understand" the practical method and significance of social responsibility; "practice"in a down-to-earth manner; "insistence" in the original aspiration on CSR fulfillment.


Gu Ya, Solution & Integrated Marketing Manager, Professional Diagnosis Department & Molecular Diagnosis Department, Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., elaborated on the company’s understanding of CSR, and shared the experience that Roche Diagnostics' MyLab + Intelligent Laboratory enhanced its responsible competitiveness .

He shared that, at Roche Diagnostics, patients are put first and they drive innovation. Providing patients with innovative and valuable medical solutions are Roche Diagnostics' social responsibility philosophy, based on which MyLab + is created. By providing customized smart medical detection solutions, it solves the problems of high cost, slow detection results and waste of human resources in traditional medical detection. It can effectively optimize the medical detection process, save detection reagents and materials, reduce the waiting time of patients, improve the efficiency of clinicians, and reduce the risk of medical detection. It provides a new experience of in vitro diagnosis, and benefit patients, medical laboratories, clinicians and other stakeholders. Roche Diagnostics, together with partners, provides innovative solutions to patients, clinical and medical industries, greatly enhancing its competitiveness.

Finally, Zuo Yue summarized the forum. He also suggested enterprises to maintain the mission of improving people's living standards and achieve the unity of self-interest and altruism, fairness and efficiency by practicing the concept of responsible competitiveness, balancing CSR fulfillment and the improvement of competitiveness, which will contribute to a better life together.



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