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2021 “GoldenKey — SDG Solutions Campaign” collection begins



2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan, and the beginning of a new journey to build a socialist modern country in an all-round way. It is destined to be extraordinary and exciting.


In 2021, the global vision will focus on China as China will accelerate its approach to carbon peak and carbon neutrality, from the fifteenth meeting of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-15) in Kunming to the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conferencesecond UN Global Conference on sustainable transportation held in Beijing. At this unique and extraordinary historical moment, it is the expectation of the world as well as the society to seek the Chinese story of high-quality development, ecological civilization construction and sustainable development.


New development pattern, new technology, new products, new formats, new services, new models... On the new journey, with more arduous challenges, greater opportunities and broader stage, enterprises have unlimited potential and innovation power on the road of realizing high-quality sustainable development.


As the discoverer, disseminator and promoter of sustainable development actions, China Sustainability Tribune has started to collect 2021 “GoldenKey — Sustainable Development Solutions Campaign” from today onJune. In this extremely special and important year, excellent sustainable development actions and stories will be expected to show on the GoldenKey platform, and learned by the public and the world, to contributeChinese wisdom and Chinese solutions to global sustainable development. 

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What is “GoldenKey Action”?



To implement President Xi Jinping's instructions — "Sustainable development is the ‘golden key’ to solving the current global problems, China Sustainability Tribune launched the first — Sustainable Development Solutions Campaign  in October 2020, which has been widely participated and supported by enterprises. 94 actions from 79 enterprises have been selected into  and presented on the roadshow through appraisal. Finally, nine actions won the  award of GoldenKey · Champion, 37 actions won the  award of GoldenKey · Excellence, and 57 actions won the  award of GoldenKey · Honorable.

For the purpose of finding more excellent sustainable development enterprise actions, 2021 “GoldenKey — Sustainable Development Solutions Campaign” will strictly follow the GoldenKey AMIVE criteria, work with multiple parties, expand the scope of search and adjust the application category, making more and more excellent sustainable development enterprises stand out, to obtain the high recognition of experts and the public, and become a model of domestic and international sustainable development.

We are looking forward to finding more benchmark SDG actions, and contributing to China's innovation scheme on global issues.





1. State owned and state-controlled enterprises in China, private enterprises, domestic and overseas Chinese listed companies, domestic joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned and holding companies in China, and relevant institutions can recommend or self recommend cases.


2. In principle, for the enterprises that have participated in the 2020 “GoldenKey — Sustainable Development Solutions Campaign”, it is recommended not to submit the same action (unless there are new innovations and breakthroughs)




Since January 1, 2016, the actions in the fields of green development, inclusion and equality, tech for SDGs, responsible finance, responsible governance, business innovation, etc., which are in line with the GoldenKey AMIVE criteria are welcome to apply by enterprises or recommended by others.




Pinpoint the causes to better hunt possible solutions



Find the “highly-matched” solutions



Apply innovation to relieve key barriers



Create comprehensive and multiple values through problem-solving



Resonate with stakeholders for positive evaluations





The GoldenKey Campaign establishes a step-by-step awarding process of “recommendation/self-recommendation-roadshow-review-selection”. By strengthening professionalism, fairness and competitiveness, we aim to create the award as an “Oscar” in the field of sustainability.


Collection Method


Well-known experts or professional editors in fields of CSR and sustainability recommend some corporate actions. Enterprises can alsooffer their actions as candidates. After organizers review and evaluate the submitted documents by applicants, the actions will be shortlisted for GoldenKey Database. and enterprises will be informed to for the next process.


Application Material


1. Company profile

Main business scope, concept, vision, etc.


2.Application category

According to the UN SDGs, we recommend relevant actions and practices from six major areas, including green development, inclusion and equality, tech for SDGs, responsible finance, responsible governance, and business innovation.


3. Action overview

According to "Goldenkey AMIVE criteria", the action should be introduced from five dimensions (1500-2500 Chinese words with clear structure) 



Problem description

Able to identify and accurately position problems in sustainable development



Focus on highly-matched solutions


Key breakthroughs

Breakthroughs and innovations in solving problems


Multiple values

Self-interest and altruism, comprehensive value of economic and social environment


Evaluation from all parties

Positive evaluation from multi-stakeholders




Submission Method

Please send your materials to: qiurong. wang@wtoguide.net

The name, organization and contact information of the submittershall be indicated in the email.



June to mid August (specific date to be determined)



Wang Qiurong


Hu Wenjuan

Tel: 15120095307


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