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Final winners of GoldenKey · Champion


Sustainability is the "golden key" to solve current global problems and it is the most widespread consensus in human history around the world. We need to find this golden key to "sustainable development".


As the main body whose actions have a great impact on the economic and social environment, enterprises serve as an important force to promote sustainable development. In China, more and more enterprises are now applying sustainable development concepts and action plans to solve various economic and social environmental problems.


Together with representatives from the academia, business and professional organizations, China Sustainability Tribune launched the GoldenKey — Sustainable Development Solutions Campaign and proposed the “GoldenKey AMIVE Standards”, namely, Accuracy, Match, Innovation, Value and Evaluation. Through multiple review sessions, 9 categories of GoldenKey · Champion were selected from 122 actions of 92 enterprises.


The awarding ceremony was held on January 7, 2021, and the final winners of GoldenKey · Champion are listed as follows:



Well-being for All

ZTO connects urban and rural areas by express delivery

ZTO Express Co., Ltd.


Deep into origins, close to consumers, ZTO Express has connected urban and rural areas to exchange the industrial and agricultural products more effectively. By optimizing the allocation of delivery resources, ZTO Express opened up supply and demand markets to stimulate agricultural products sales and rural consumption potentialities, bringing a sustained momentum for more people’s well-being.



No Poverty


"Insurance and Futures" poverty alleviation model by China Minmetals 

China Minmetals Corporation


Unstable agricultural product prices are the main difficulty in the process of poverty alleviation. China Minmetals’ "Insurance + Futures" poverty alleviation model offers a “price safe” for agricultural products, making sure of stable markets for the cultivation and breeding industry and contributing to China’s agricultural development.



Better Life


Advocate green flight and reduce food waste

China Southern Airlines Company Limited


In order to solve the in-flight meal waste, China Southern Airlines launched “green flight” in 2019 to make changes. Through innovative products and services such as promoting mileage awards and encouraging on-demand dining, nearly 1.2 million on-board meals were saved as of December 31, 2020, equivalent to 570 tons of food. Together with passengers, the “green flight” of China Southern Airlines contributed to the sustainability high in the air.



Zero Waste


Welcome GRANDBLUE – clean solid waste to overcome “not in my backyards’ mindset

Grandblue Environment


Holding the ideas of long-term development, users’ first, openness and honesty, and community co-construction, Grandblue Environment has changed smelly garbage incineration plants to clean environmental production industrial park, and changed opponents to friends. By applying high-standard technology and undertaking its social responsibility, Grandblue Environment re-shaped neighbours’ impression on waste incineration plants and has rebuilt community trust for a zero-waste world.



Action 4 Nature


Integrate natural capital into management for harmonious co-existence between enterprises and nature

China General Nuclear Power Corporation


China General Nuclear Power Corporation takes the lead in carrying out the biodiversity impact assessment based on natural capital. An environmental-friendly clean energy system it develops helps combat climate change, reduce the bad effects of air pollution on creatures and promote community well-being, education and tourism. By “Powering nature with natural energy”, the company promises to safeguard the nature and proposes a creative plan for a community with shared future for mankind and the environment.  



Green Development


Share base station to facilitate 5G development

State Grid Nanjing Power Supply Company  


It is a miracle to see that it takes three days to construct a 5G share base station. Its costs reduce to 10% and the use of land decreases by 840,000 square meters and the steel by 420,000 tons. In the next five years, the 5G share base station will bring a city more than RMB 300 billion growth in digital economy. While pursing development, it is essential to show respect to the environment, especially when 5G network has been quietly becoming a part of our lives. By sharing the base station, State Grid Nanjing Power Supply Company makes 5G development green and sustainable.



Tech 4 SDG


AI traces the missing ones – let technology guide you home

Baidu, Inc.  


While many families have little hope in finding their missing loved ones, Baidu’s facial recognition technology has helped many lost children reunite with their families after 20 to 30 years of trafficking. To track missing children was once the most complex social challenge that brings unspeakable pain to innumerable families. It is a common wish to apply technology to solve the problems and benefit the world. Using AI to trace the missing ones, Baidu confirms our belief that technology’s power should not be underestimated.



Quality Education


Promote vocation training by integrating industry and education to develop technical talents

Schneider Electric (China) Co, Ltd.


Following the trends of promoting modern vocational education system, Schneider Electric launched the BipBop Vocational Education Program to improve the capability of vocational schools and their students from the aspects of practical training and internship, vocational literacy and employment, teacher empowerment and industry certification. The program is committed to share leading manufacturing theories, abundant experiences and practices with young people who are devoted to promoting social development, bringing more possibilities into their lives.



Trans 4 Future


The sustainable development plan in the post-carbon neutral era

Signify (China) Investment Co., Ltd.


Is carbon neutrality far from us? How will our future look like? Within just four years, Signify has lived up to its promise of a "Brighter lives, better world" and drawn a blueprint for a better life in the post-carbon neutrality era with deep thinking and active exploration.


Its achievements include:

   -   Gaining 80% of its operating income from products, systems and services that benefit the environment and society
   -   Making operation 100% carbon neutral
   -   Using 100% renewable electricity

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