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Save the Date: GoldenBee event on Dec. 3


The year 2020 marks the achievement of China’s well-off society in an all-round way and the realization of poverty alleviation. It is also the concluding year of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020). Facing more complex domestic and international environments at the crucial moment of the Two Centenary Goals, building enterprise resilience will be a top priority. At the time of global pandemic, enterprises and organizations are entering a period of changes. Transparency decline, rising cash flow pressure and supply chain obstruction caused by the world-wide isolation pose great challenges to enterprises’ emergency management. The era of uncertainty and changes has also given Chinese enterprises new opportunities. Strengthening information disclosure, actively communicating with stakeholders, and enhancing transparency to build corporate resilience are also new requirements for enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities in the era.

The International Conference on CSR Reporting in China is the first high-end professional exchange platform for leading enterprises at home and abroad to discuss information disclosure of CSR. The 13th International Conference on CSR Reporting in China will invite leading enterprises, research institutions, industrial organizations, governments, NGOs and other organizations concerned with the CSR reporting to discuss the path and value of CSR information disclosure and jointly promote the development of CSR in China. The Conference will also release the 2020 GoldenBee CSR Report Honor Roll.

The 13th International Conference on CSR Reporting in China and the Release Ceremony of 2020 GoldenBee CSR Report Honor Roll will be held on December 3, 09:00-18:00, in Tylfull Hotel. We sincerely invite you to attend the conference.

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