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Digital transformation—a new driver for enterprises in adversity


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on many enterprises. Facing the "black swan" incident, how should enterprises cope with difficulties?

First, only be prepared can enterprises to react confidently. From now on, working from home, long-distance office and less-travel office will last a long time, and even will be constant. This will bring a deep impact on business management, personnel management and business process.

As a high-tech enterprise, Dell has implemented a flexible working model for more than 20 years and has allowed remote working. This has enriched Dell with solid digital management experience. As a result, Dell's preparation advantages are evident in face of this pandemic. Based on surveys, the satisfaction and efficiency of Dell's employees online and remote work have not been affected. The financial data for the first quarter of this year is also the same as last year.

Secondly, digital transformation is a new dynamic for the development of enterprises in adversity. Dell's report, 2018 Digital Transformation Index shows that two years ago, most Chinese companies were followers in digital transformation, but now many leaders have emerged.

Companies excellent in digital transformation are more resilient to the impact of the pandemic. At present, we are in the key turning-point of digital transformation, enterprises putting technology development at the core position will be paid back with the digital business model. Digital business models can help enterprises run faster and flexibly, and improve customer satisfaction. During COVID-19, the most-affected SMEs are in urgent need to improve their digital transformation capabilities.

Finally, it is time to seize the opportunity for enterprises to strengthen SDGs management. SDGs are about human well-being and future development, which demonstrate a common pursuit for a better life. Adversities such as the pandemic should not be reasons to hinder the implementation of SDG commitments, but opportunities for enterprises to strengthen SDGs management. 

Last November, Dell released its New 2030 Goals for Societal Change, dedicating to harnessing its market reach, technology, and workforce to make a positive and lasting influence on humankind and the world. Progress Made Real illustrates Dell's positive social influence by focusing on key areas of sustainability, inclusiveness, and technology-changed lives. Dell will continue practicing the SDGs commitment actively during and after the pandemic.

This article is based on Zhou Bing's speech at the symposium on "Sustainable Development and High-Quality Recovery" of the Academic Committee of China Sustainability Tribune held on July online. Mr. Zhou is the Vice President of Dell Greater China. 

This article is translated from China Sustainability Tribune

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