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TEEBAgriFood: Operational Guidelines for Business Launch


Congratulations! The Capitals Coalition launched the Draft TEEB for Agriculture and Food: Operational Guidelines for Business in September 2020. As the country partner of TEEBAgriFood Project in China, GoldenBee is delighted to introduce the Guidelines to stakeholders in China.
Developed to support businesses in implementing the TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework, these Guidelines provide a practical way for businesses to understand and act upon their impact and dependency on natural, human, social, and produced capital.

The Guidelines reference and build on the internationally accepted harmonized business frameworks for identifying, measuring, and valuing the business relationship with nature and people: the Natural and Social & Human Capital Protocols. The Protocols, along with the TEEBAgriFood synthesis provide additional support and context when applying these Guidelines.

These Guidelines go beyond existing guidance for business by considering the interdependencies between nature and people in the food value chain. This an important stepping stone towards mainstreaming capitals into decision making in diversified value chains and geographies.

Published alongside the Guidelines, the user template provides a clear check list of each stage, to be used by businesses applying a capitals assessment. By answering the questions and fulfilling outcomes of each step, businesses can easily document, analyze and interpret their results.


Read the Guidelines here. 

Thanks to generous funding by the European Commission, the Guidelines are being piloted in seven countries with different agriculture approaches and traditions: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Thailand.  Through strong in-country collaborations, businesses will apply, challenge, and build upon these Guidelines. In each country, a roundtable and training sessions are organized to receive consultation and pilot the Guidelines.

This work forms a part of the broader TEEB for Agriculture and Food project run by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which aims to connect all relevant actors to transform the food sector.

Capitals Coalition is delighted to present these Guidelines and foster debate. Your feedback is welcome and will contribute to the development of the final Guidelines due to be published end 2022. You can get in touch with Capitals Coalition for more information and to provide feedback at teebagrifood@capitalscoalition.org.
The Mandarin version will be launched soon. If you are interested in the Project or the Guideline, please contact GoldenBee at contact@goldenbeechina.com.

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