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【Panel】Promote Companies 'Going Global' to Focus on Children's Rights


Chinese companies are investing overseas thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), creating opportunities for them to support countries participating in this initiative to realize sustainable development goals for children. However, most companies find it difficult to understand, identify and prioritize children’s rights issues expected by stakeholders, such as government, communities, customers, consumers, NGOs, media etc. overseas. Moreover, for the systematic advancement of safeguarding children’s rights by Chinese enterprises to “going global”, the mere efforts of enterprises are far from adequate and the involvement of multiple stakeholders is desired.

Among these stakeholders, governments take an important role in guiding enterprises to focus on children’s rights from aspects of regulation, promotion, and supervision; industry organizations play their roles by exercising their functions of service and coordination to encourage enterprises to pay more attentions to children’s rights; enterprises, as the main body to fulfill social responsibilities, regard children as the main stakeholders and take fully into account children’s rights in their decision-making and business activities; social organizations, as important participants, give full play to the supervision function by public opinion and create a good external environment for protecting children’s rights; and international organizations accelerate the establishment of a synergy mechanism and a platform for exchanges between China and the world, serving as an important window for China to “make its due contribution to the world”. Through exploration and practice, the development of the five-in-one forces featured with “government guidance, industry promotion, enterprise practice, social participation, and international cooperation” will help enterprises “going global” to focus on children’s rights and accelerate the advancement of safeguarding children’s rights, thereby achieving sustainable development goals for children.

At the 15th International CSR Forum, China Sustainablility Tribune and UNICEF will join hands for the fifth time to organize the “Five-in-one Forces to Promote Enterprises ‘Going Global’ to Focus on Children’s Rights” Panel, during which it will discuss with experts from governments, industry associations, enterprises, social organizations, and international institutions on how to apply the “five-in-one” forces to promote enterprises “going global” to focus on children’s rights with the joint efforts of various stakeholders and accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals for children.
Co-hosts: UNICEF, China Sustainability Tribune
Date: August 14, 2020 
Time: 16:00-17:30    

- Dr. Douglas Noble, Deputy Representative, UNICEF China
- Zhai Dongsheng, Director, Belt & Road Initiative Center (BRIC) of National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC) (to be confirmed)
- Zhang Xiang, Secretary General, China International Contractors Association (CHINCA)
- Xia Jie, Deputy General Manager of Strategic Development Department of China Road and Bridge Corporation
- WU Minwen, Executive Secreatary General, Fosun Foundation
- Louis Downing, Chief Executive Office, Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB)
- Sandra Bisin, Regional Chief of Communication, UNICEF West and Central African Regional Office

Scan the QR Code or click Here to watch the panel discussion 
at 16:00-17:30, August 14

(Pictures in the article are from UNICEF website)
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