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The Challenges and Coping Strategies to Combat COVID-19 on Supply Chains


The Challenges & Coping Strategies to Combat COVID-19 on Supply Chains
- The 22nd Sino-European CSR Roundtable Forum -

As a professional and practical communication platform and channel for corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Sino-European CSR Round Table Forum has been successfully held 21 times in the past years. It has been well received by stakeholders and conducted with great support from participants, including relevant Chinese government departments, CSR organizations as well as Chinese and European enterprises.
The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic since the early 2020 has impacted the safety of human and the global economy development. It also caused a huge impact on the entire process of the global supply chains, including planning, procurement, manufacturing, delivery, and recycling. Facing the severe test brought by the sudden pandemic, enterprises also see the weaknesses and blind spots in their supply chain planning and management. For example, risk management awareness and system, organizational flexibility, collaboration between procurement and supply teams, etc. It is the common appeal of all parties to avoid or reduce the risk of supply chain interruption and to ensure the safety and stability of supply chains.
Facing the impact of the pandemic, how should we deal with short-term and long-term supply chain pressures, strengthen the flexibility and resilience of the supply chain, and restructure the supply chain risk prevention and crisis management system? The 22nd Forum will focus on these topics and invite distinguished guests from governments, associations, research institutions, international organizations, well-known companies and sustainability experts to share their perspective from strategic and practical level to improve the reliability of the supply chain, promote trade facilitation and smooth supply chain.

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Event Time: 16:00-17:15, July 21, 2020

Official languages: Chinese/English

This forum is being held virtually on July 21. Welcome to join us for in-depth discussion on the challenges & coping strategies to combat covid-19 on supply chains. In order to better meet the communication needs of more attendees, we are here to solicit questions from you. If you have more questions about supply chain management, please leave a message in the comment area, we will collect them and invite speakers to share their views.

For more information, please contact us at mingming.yang@goldenbeechina.com.

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