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【Top 10 International CSR Events】No.2 Germany plans to close all coal-fired power plants by 2038


Since 2006, we have been selecting and publishing the annual list of top 10 CSR events for 14 years. China Sustainability Tribune presents you the Top 10 International CSR Events in 2019.
NO.2 Germany plans to close all coal-fired power plants by 2038

On January 26, the German coal exit commission announced a consensus to phase out coal-fired power plants, with plans to end coal power by the end of 2038 at the latest. The commission recommended “a roadmap for coal exit”: by 2022, 12.5GW of coal-fired power plants will be shut down (1GW = 1000MW, 1MW = 1000KW), another 13GW will be closed by 2030, and coal-fired power will be completely phased out by 2038. At the same time, the government will give companies and consumers in the affected areas 2 billion euros in compensation each year. The total amount will reach 40 billion euros.

The commission also recommended that new coal-fired power plants would not be allowed. For coal-fired power plants that have been built but not yet in operation, operating permits will not be issued.

Reason for listing:

In terms of meeting emission reduction targets and replacing old energy sources with clean ones, Germany is a firm representative of "coal exit". In 2018, renewable energy including photovoltaics, wind power, hydropower and biomass energy have replaced coal power as Germany's main power source, accounting for 40% of total power supply, while coal accounted for 38%. The “roadmap for coal exit” is a signal of accelerated transformation released by Germany: the shift to clean energy is an irreversible trend and a market opportunity.

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