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A duty called "kyosei"

2019-10-31GoldenBeeHideki Ozawa0

Hideki Ozawa, Executive Vice President at Canon Inc., President of Canon Asia Marketing Group (CAMG), President & CEO of Canon (China) Co., Ltd.
"Taking root in China, devoting to China, creating new values, and sharing a bright future."

Since the first production base established in Dalian in 1989, Canon has been deeply rooted in the land of China. In the past forty years, satisfying people's growing demand for a better life has been the original aspiration of Canon (China). In order to achieve this goal, we integrate the concept of "kyosei" into all aspects of operation supported by the globalized management experience. We not only think about our future development direction, but also take "solving social problems", "protecting the earth's environment" and "harmonious coexistence between people and society" as our duty-bound responsibilities. Multiple aspects of CSR practices help the brand slogan of "Delighting You Always" go deep into the hearts of the people.
While contributing to the development of Chinese society, we also have been committed to building effective communication mechanisms with stakeholders for closer ties. In August this year, we released the tenth CSR reports, which recorded the symbiotic road of Canon's cooperation with stakeholders.

How to provide people with products and services beyond expectations has always been the focus of our thinking. While the increasing technological, economic and humane development progress  and with the informatization and intelligence becoming the high priorities of development in China, we leverage our technological strength in the field of optics and image processing to actively promote the application and development of image intelligence in the B2B industries, such as education, finance, medical treatment, etc. thus promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and helping develop new industries.
We have never neglected the environmental and ecological protection. We are committed to building the full lifecycle environmental management of products so as to promote energy conservation and emission reduction through the eco-friendly products and services, and forge a green industrial chain with partners, which will contribute to implementing the green concept in every part of the industrial chain, develop a responsible community, and add new strength to the building of a beautiful China.
Canon has also been exploring the best way to contribute to society with our expertise. We provide a broad platform for employees to help them develop better with Canon. With systematic management and professional support, we drive our partners to build a "responsibility community" and achieve a win-win future. We have formulated the strategy of image public welfare to focus on five core areas including cultural heritage, environmental protection, educational enlightenment, community care and humanitarian assistance.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China. Canon is not only a witness and beneficiary of China's growth and development, but also a contributor to China's economic and social development. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to adhere to the concept of "kyosei", take root in China, devote to China, fulfill better corporate social responsibility in the new era with better products and services, and create new values. We will work with stakeholders to win a better future.

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