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Brightening urban development with the light of innovation

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John Wang, President of Greater China, SVP, Signify
"With the energy-efficient human-centric lighting, Signify will contribute to China's sustainable urbanization and smart city transformation, and achieve the vision of ‘Brighter Lives, Better World’"

With a history of more than 128 years, Signify, the world leader in lighting, has a more well-known name, PHILPS, founded in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Sustainable development is the core of corporate development. As Signify's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, we have been in action to create safer and more comfortable life, livable cities through innovative lighting products and systems, and contribute to the sustainable development of the world.
China is the "second home" of Signify. PHILPS's lighting products have entered China in the 1920s, and the first joint venture in China was set up in 1985. At present, Signify's second largest R&D center in the world and the headquarters of Greater China are all located in Shanghai. The R&D center is responsible for 90% of the company’s global LED lighting technology innovation. Another thing I am proud of is that in Chinese market, Signify has achieved carbon neutrality in 2017 and continues to reduce carbon emissions.

In addition to actively achieving the goal of responsible consumption and production and promoting the recycle lighting mode, intelligent interconnected LED lighting system can greatly improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption by up to 80% compared with traditional lighting. While bringing high-quality lighting experience to urban residents, we will help create a sustainable smart city. We are honored to take part in the lighting renovation of the landmark buildings on both sides of Pujiang, Shanghai. In 2018, Signify worked closely with the Shanghai municipal departments to complete the renovation of the landscape lighting of nearly 80 buildings. The century-old stories in the Bund of Shanghai were reproduced by lighting, which presents a brand new "Night in Shanghai" and city card to the public and also promotes the development of tourism and regional economy.
We believe that open innovation is an effective means to promote mutual benefit and prosperity. In China, Signify is actively establishing strategic partnership with other leading enterprises, with an aim to learn from each other, share experiences and work together. The technology complementarity will provide new values and experience, and benefit more customers.

In May 2018, PHILPS Lighting changed its name to Signify, which is derived from our new definition of lighting. "Light has become an intelligent language to connect and transmit information". It also clearly expresses our vision and goal: we unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. Signify will outline the bright picture of future lighting with a century-old brand's global vision, open cooperation and win-win mentality. We will also base ourselves on China and make full use of the comprehensive innovation of technology and mode to add colors and honors to China.
(The Chinese version of this article is published on China Sustainability Tribune)
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