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New four modernizations of auto industry

2019-10-10GoldenBeeYe Shengji0

Ye Shengji, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
After more than 100 years of development, the automobile industry has become an important pillar of the world economy. China's automobile industry has become a pillar industry of China's national economy after nearly 70 years of development.

From 1953 to now, China has built up the whole industry system of automobile industry, realized the development of all kinds of products, the development of Chinese automobile products and brands, and even the development of the industry chain across the whole process. A complete product R&D system with innovative capability, an industrial production and manufacturing system with advanced manufacturing capability and a relatively complete marketing service system have been established. In addition, we have actively explored the development system of new formats, actively promoted the upgrading and development of traditional vehicles, explored and promoted the industrialization of new energy vehicles, and thus achieved good results.

In terms of industrial development, China has become the largest automobile producer in the world, and its status as a big country has lasted for many years. Moreover, it can be predicted that in the future, China's automobile market will remain relatively large-scale and active, and with the "going global" of China's automobiles, there will always be a place for China in the world's automobile market and make it realize the global development.
Looking back on the achievements of China's automobile industry, it is still exciting. However, due to the economic downturn, the complex and changeable international environment, the unstable expectations of automobile market policies and other factors, the output and sales of automobile market have declined.

At the same time, China's automobile industry is facing new industrial situation: the automobile industry chain continues extending, the technological progress shows more innovative modes, and the new industries rapidly develop. Also, the automobile industry has entered the popularization period of low growth from the period of high-speed growth. In the context of stock competition, the industrial structure has been adjusted rapidly, the profitability of enterprises has declined, and the market elimination competition has been started.

To develop high-quality and strong industries, especially the automobile industry which is not an independent industry, needs the concerted efforts of all relevant parties in the whole industry chain.

Maintain a stable and long-term industrial policy. A long-term and stable policy system for the automobile industry and to ensure that the policy keeps pace with the times is the basis and core of the high-quality and sustainable development of the automobile industry. Facing the new industrial development, to speed up the development and circulation for promoting commercial consumption and to increase the support of tax reduction and fee reduction will strongly support the steady and healthy development of enterprises.
Promote the industrialization of new energy automobiles scientifically. Realizing the development of new energy is the only way for China's automobile industry to become stronger. The industrialization of new energy automobiles in China is also very effective. In 2018, 1.25 million vehicles were produced and sold. But the promotion of an industry is not simply a matter of output. We should lay a good foundation for the industrial chain, forge the ability of the whole industrial chain, and work hard on key technologies such as finished automobiles, power batteries, drive motors, fuel cells, so as to make breakthroughs in technology and upgrade quality, really achieve the reliability similar to traditional automobiles, meet the needs of consumers and focus on brand cultivation, which is the key to the industrialization of new energy automobiles.

Deepen industrial chain coordination and cross-border cooperation. At present, the whole automobile industry is realizing the "new four modernizations" - electrification, networking, intellectualization and sharing, which fundamentally changes the automobile and travel industries. The industrial chain coordination is also developing towards a closer and deeper direction. We need to consider how upstream enterprises, including materials and basic equipment industries, can coordinate to promote the upgrading and development of the automobile industry more effectively, and how relevant industries, including information and communication industries, can promote our industry to be more intelligent and informative. We should also consider how the relevant services and other industries can better promote our industry, so as to build a harmonious automobile industry.
China's automobile industry not only is a brand industry in China, but also integrates the wisdom of all foreign automobile companies in China. It also bears the mission of enhancing China's international competitiveness. While deepening cooperation and giving full play to the role of transnational corporations, China's auto companies should also have the ambition to "go global", help establish overseas industrial parks through policies, strengthen international capacity cooperation from R & D to manufacturing and after-sale industry chain, build overseas brands, and expand overseas market development space.

The automobile industry is a very integrated and inclusive industry. The inclusion and integration of all relevant industries can jointly promote the development and progress of China's automobile industry, which is of great significance not only for the automobile industry itself, but also for the industrialization development of the whole country. With the development of automobile industry, we should constantly adjust and optimize industrial structure and layout, make breakthroughs in core and key technologies, and continuously cultivate Chinese brand enterprises with core competitiveness. The coordinated efforts of domestic relevant industries can certainly facilitate the revitalization and sustainable development of China's automobile industry in the future. We are confident about this.

(Translated by GoldenBee, the Chinese version of this article is issued on China Sustainability Tribune wechat account)
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