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The Launch Event of Inaugural Issue of China Sustainability Tribune held

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With the motto of “Global Perspective, Competition and Win Together”, China Sustainability Tribune gathers “future-oriented thinking and action”, and is committed to becoming an influential and professional media in Chinese and international social responsibility/ sustainability field by conveying the sustainability information and ideas, presenting the latest developments of sustainability comprehensively and accurately, and bringing together the forces that promote sustainable development and the power to transform the world.

On February 28, 2019, the Launch Meeting of Inaugural Issue of China Sustainability Tribune was held in Garden Lobby of TusPark, Beijing. The inaugural issue of China Sustainability Tribune was released in the meeting.

More than 80 representatives from governments, industries, academia and enterprises attended the launching event.

Positioning Shouldering an important mission

Guo Kai, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE) gives the opening speech.
Guo Kai said, at a time when sustainability has become a global consensus and trend, China Sustainability Tribune shoulders an important mission.

Fan Bin, Deputy Director-General of Department of Policies, Laws and Regulations, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)

Fan Bin expressed his congratulations to the launch of the inaugural issue of the China Sustainability Tribune. He hoped that the Tribune will present outstanding ideas and excellent actions of sustainability, and become an influential and professional CSR/sustainability media to make contribution to China's sustainability.”

Professionalism | Academic Committee of China Sustainability Tribune established

In order to ensure contents’ quality, China Sustainability Tribune gathers a number of authoritative sustainability experts and scholars in China in this academic committee.


Appointment ceremony of Academic Committee of China Sustainability Tribune

Four well-known sustainability scholars and also members of Academic Committee of China Sustainability Tribune, He Jiankun, Zhang Haibin, Zhu Dajian and Pan Jiahua, gave speeches on the relations of ecological civilization, international relation, China’s development strategy, city development, and sustainable development respectively. They all expressed their great hopes for the Tribune in their speeches.

In the future, China Sustainability Tribune should play a bigger role in China's transformation of economic development, promoting the energy revolution, exploring green and low-carbon development on a global scale, and protecting the earth's ecological security. China Sustainability Tribune will contribute to the sustainability of China and even the world.
——He Jiankun, former Executive Vice President of Tsinghua University

When looking into sustainable development from the angle of international relationships, we must insist on the correct historical view. The concept of sustainable development has developed step by step from a marginalized issue to a critical position in international political agenda today; we must also focus on the big picture, since every change of global political pattern is connected with sustainable development; we need to hold the role notion as well, as China is gradually transferring from the receiver to a leader of sustainable development.
——Zhang Haibin, Deputy Dean of the School of International Studies, Peking University 

Sustainable development is a wonderful platform. How to share “international experience” internally, introduce the international front-line achievements to China, and how to talk in “Chinese style”, strengthen the theory of sustainable development with Chinese story, offers perspectives for China Sustainability Tribune to stand out.
——Zhu Dajian, Director of Institute of Governance for Sustainable Development, Tongji University

Sustainable development makes the city better. It should be a balanced and harmonious development, with flat resource allocation. If we use local capacity which is consistent with environmental resources for city planning, then our city can reach the harmonious co-existence with human and nature.
——Pan Jiahua, Member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, CASS
CooperationGathering Strength for Sustainable Development

China Sustainability Tribune cannot develop so far without the long-term support of our partners from all walks of industries. As the witness of the foundation of China WTO Tribune and China Sustainability Tribune, Li Zhongzhou, Former Director of Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and Zhou Bing, Vice President of Dell Greater China, attended the launch of inaugural issue of China Sustainability Tribune.


Li Zhongzhou, Former Director of Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

Since the founding of China WTO Tribune, Director Li has continuously contributed articles to support its development.

As regard to the rename, he said, “This is an important step to open vision and go global.” and he hoped that the Tribune should not only promote the cause of sustainable development in China, but also convey Chinese voices to the world.

Zhou Bing, Vice President of Dell Greater China

Zhou Bing has also been the witness and supporter of China WTO Tribune for years. He mentioned in the speech that although the vision of the Tribune has been broadened, its position of “Future-oriented Thought and Action” will not change.

Upgrading China WTO Tribune to China Sustainability Tribune is not just a new action, but also represents the better understanding and progress of the experts, scholars and practitioners gathered by the Tribune towards CSR and sustainable development. It also represents the joint efforts of Chinese enterprises and organizations to build a community of shared future for mankind over the past decade.
——Wen Xuelian, Director of Department of Strategic Development, China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC)

Novartis Group will keep practicing the philosophy of sustainable development, and make contribution to areas like climate change, community and biodiversity, etc. We hope to work together with China Sustainability Tribune to promote sustainable development.
——Gao Mingxu, Senior Director of Department of Corporate Responsibility, Novartis Group (China)

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