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【Top 10 International CSR Events】No.4 IAI publishes Sustainable Bauxite Mining Guidelines


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No.4 IAI publishes Sustainable Bauxite Mining Guidelines
According to the news on the ALU.cn released on September 6, the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) released the Sustainable Bauxite Mining Guidelines. The Guidelines outlines ten sustainable bauxite mining principles including integrity management and good governance, sustainability concerns in decision-making process, effective health and safety performance, etc. The Guideline also lists 17 best practices of bauxite mining from 14 enterprises.
Reason for listing:
In recent years, with a growing of investors pouring into the bauxite industry, there are many unsustainable practices in the process of bauxite mining, such as environmental pollution, frequent safety accidents, etc. The Guidelines provides scientific methods from the aspects of principles and key areas of sustainable bauxite mining, as well as the best practices that can be used for reference. It helps improve the sustainable development of the industry to a certain extent. Meanwhile, for the “Going Global” Chinese aluminum enterprises, the Guidelines is both a guideline for action and a model for practice to conduct overseas business.

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Sustainable Bauxite Mining Guidelines

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