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【Top 10 International CSR Events】No.8 Kenya hosts the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy


Since 2006, China WTO Tribune has been selecting and publishing the annual list of top 10 CSR events for 13 years. China WTO Tribune presents you the Top 10 International CSR Events in 2018.
No.8 Kenya hosts the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy
On November 26-28, the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference (SBEC), the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy, was held in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference gathered more than 4,000 delegates from 183 countries and regions to learn how to build a blue economy and realize the goals of reducing environmental pollution, tackling climate change, ending poverty and hunger, and creating jobs, etc.
Reason for listing:
The Blue Economy has become a new important engine of the world economy and the sustainable use of marine resources is crucial to ending poverty and developing economics. However, over-exploitation in recent years has caused challenges such as marine pollution and climate change. The first SBEC has established a worldwide dialogue platform to unify the consensus on sustainable development and share development and governance experience, which will help protect the diversity of marine life and reduce unsustainable practices in marine development. The SBEC is also a response to the goal of the sustainable use of marine resources in both the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the African Union's Agenda 2063. 
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