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【Top 10 International CSR Events】No.7 Upgrading ISO 26000 PPO to ISO 26000 SGN


Since 2006, China WTO Tribune has been selecting and publishing the annual list of top 10 CSR events for 13 years. China WTO Tribune presents you the Top 10 International CSR Events in 2018.
No.7 Upgrading ISO 26000 PPO to ISO 26000 SGN
At the ISO 26000 PPO Experts Meeting in Bali on October 28, the Post Publication Organization (PPO) was upgraded to a new organization, the ISO 26000 Stakeholder Global Network (SGN), whose mission is to promote social responsibility and sustainability through ISO 26000 worldwide. Mr. Yin Gefei, chief expert of GoldenBee Thinktank and founder of GoldenBee CSR Consulting, was successfully elected Secretary of ISO 26000 SGN.
Reason for listing:
The establishment of ISO 26000 SGN is the result of the global development and innovation of ISO 26000, which indicates that ISO 26000 will open a new journey of global development.
The new SGN continues and develops mechanism and system guarantees that facilitate the wide participation of global stakeholders, transparent and fair expression of opinions and efficient and high-quality resource sharing. By reforming its positioning, membership system and organization structure, the organization also will become more dynamic, more innovative and more open.
In addition, seven directions drafted by ISO 26000 SGN for the future will inevitably highlight the significant value of ISO 26000 in contributing to sustainable business operations and global sustainability.
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