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【Top 10 CSR Events in China】No.9 Report on CSR Development of Enterprises with Foreign Investment in China (1978-2018) released

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Since 2006, China WTO Tribune has set up annual columns of the top 10 CSR events for 13 years. China WTO Tribune presents you the Top 10 CSR Events in China in 2018.
No.9  Report on CSR Development of Enterprises with Foreign Investment in China (1978-2018) released
On December 12, the Report on CSR Development of Enterprises with Foreign Investment in China (1978-2018) was officially released at the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Conference for Enterprises with Foreign Investment in China. The report selects 120 social responsibility practices and 140 corporate social responsibility reports and sustainability reports, and shows 63 social responsibility cases. The report also gives an in-depth summary of the CSR achievements and experiences of foreign-invested enterprises since China’s reform and opening up, systematically portraying the 40 years that the foreign-invested enterprises take root in China, and have been constantly seeking win-win cooperation with stakeholders.
Reason for listing:
Looking for the secret of the foreign-invested enterprises’ development in China, in a sense, is to explore the password of China's reform and opening up. The 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up marks a 40-year period for Chinese enterprises to go global and a period for foreign-invested enterprises to enter China and achieve win-win development with China.
In this context, the report is endowed with value of academic summary and historical memo. Because this report is not only a summary of the practice of foreign-invested enterprises rooting in the local community and actively fulfilling their social responsibilities, but also implies how Chinese enterprises can achieve the harmony, co-prosperity and sustainable development with the local community through active CSR fulfillment.
There is no end in practice and the reform will go on. Driven by China’s continued opening up and efforts to build a world-class business environment, foreign-invested enterprises are bound to usher in a new era of vigorous development.

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