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18th Sino-Swedish CSR Workshop held in Lanzhou


The 18th Sino-Swedish CSR Workshop was held from September 12 to 14 in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. About 50 officials from provincial and municipal departments of commerce and enterprise representatives attended the workshop.
The training topics covers responsible business conduct, supply chain management, responsible competitiveness, management of responsibility fulfillment, UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Guidelines of Sustainable Infrastructure for Chinese International Contractors, and social responsibility management. The Sino-Swedish enterprise exchange seminar was also held in the training, and representatives from Chinese enterprises and Swedish enterprises shared their experience of corporate social responsibility.
In this Workshop, Mr. Yin Gefei, Vice President of China WTO Tribune, Founder and Chief Expert of GoldenBee CSR Consulting, profoundly elaborated responsible competitiveness and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from four aspects, including what is corporate social responsibility, what is responsible competitiveness, how to enhance responsible competitiveness, and responsible competitiveness cases of practicing SDGs. In addition, from different cases of enterprises in fulfilling social responsibility and practicing SDGs, Mr. Yin stressed the importance of CSR management in the business operation, and suggested that enterprises should enhance the responsible competitiveness from whole business process, including R&D, procurement, production, sale and after-sale service. Moreover, Mr. Yin also encouraged enterprises to strengthen the relationships with different stakeholders, such as the government, industry associations and institutions to take jointly actions for achieving SDGs, thus benefit the whole world.
Mr. Yu Zhihong, President and Editor-in-Chief of China WTO Tribune, hosted the seminar of Sino-Swedish enterprise exchanges and concluded the features of Chinese enterprises and Swedish enterprises in CSR performance. Mr. Yu also provided training on social responsibility management of international contracting enterprises. He explicitly stressed some issues that the enterprises should pay attention to in the overseas operations, including considering the corporate benefits and local benefits, operation in compliance, environmental protection, etc. while operating business overseas, learning about the demands of local people, local enterprises and local enterprises, and paying attention to the cooperation in the fields of law, environmental protection and public relations. Enterprises can also enhance the sustainability of community projects by reinforcing local capacity building, giving full play to the supply chain management of upstream and downstream enterprises, and positively communicating with stakeholders etc. Illustrating with some examples of the Chinese companies and operational experiences, the training is vivid and practical for the enterprises.
The Sino-Swedish CSR cooperation has lasted for 10 years, and 18 sessions of CSR Workshop have been held in 17 cities. It is currently the largest, the most widely and the most long-lasting CSR training in China. Over 1,100 representatives from central government, local commerce departments, industrial association, chamber of commerce and enterprises, have attended the trainings.

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