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Together with GAIN, GoldenBee presented on European Business Summit


European Business Summit (EBS) was held on May 22 in the 2017, attracting more than three hundred representatives from business, government, and non-governmental organizations to attend. The Summit focused on “the role that businesses can play in bringing about positive societal impact while at the same time generating shared value”. At the conference, new research was presented, along with a call for greater collaboration inside companies, between companies and at a multi-stakeholder level.
One highlight of this summit is the Green Aviation Initiative Network (GAIN), which is composed of representatives from HNA Group, HNA Tourism, United Technologies Corporation, Hainan Airlines and other enterprises in aviation industry chain and GoldenBee. They held hands to give an official debut in the part of “Cooperation to promote SDG achievement” on this EBS. They also shared with the participants a story about "Harvest" - The results and future plans of the “GAIN” project in promoting green aviation development.
GAIN is co-founded by HNA Group, United Technologies Corporation, and GoldenBee. It has received the support and participation from 20 organizations and industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises, including Eaton, China Sustainable Development Business Council (CBCSD), United Nations Global Compact Network China, etc. With the topic of sustainable development as the core, the project aims to build a global green aviation ecosystem with green operation, green innovation, green manufacturing, green community and green consumption driven by the principle of value sharing.

During this Summit, Mr. Yin Gefei, the Vice President of China WTO Tribune and the Chief Expert of GoldenBee CSR Consulting and Ms. Chen Weizheng, the General Manager of GoldenBee CSR Consulting, were invited to participate in.
They discussed the GAIN project with other project members and European stakeholders. They not only shared project experience, but also introduced the practices of Chinese enterprises, which takes HNA as the exemplary enterprise, in the field of sustainable development. Mr. Yin and Ms. Chen indicated that there has been a relatively systematic thinking and good start of action for achieving SDGs, and they also called everyone on the joint efforts to promote responsibility and innovation, and make the world be better!

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