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Jiangsu issues a CSR guidance to enhance companies' CSR ability

2017-04-14Xinhua Dailyadmin0010

In February, 2017, Jiangsu Province issued Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility Development (the Guidance).
​Targeted at strengthening the responsibility consciousness of enterprises, and improve their CSR capacity, the Guidance proposes to start from regulating CSR management and further to guide enterprises to fulfill social responsibility voluntarily, leading to an advanced manufacturing base with international competitiveness.
The Guidance clarifies that Jiangsu aims to establish and improve related mechanisms to promote enterprises to fulfill social responsibility and build CSR evaluation system for the common development of enterprises and society so as to realize the goals of  “Three Enhancement and Three Improvement” by the year of 2020.

Three Enhancement

The consciousness and enthusiasm of CSR fulfillment will be obviously enhanced;

Good corporate influence will be obviously enhanced;

The harmonious relations between enterprises and employees, customers, partners, ecological environment and community will be obviously enhanced.

Three Improvement

The integrity management will be improved significantly;

The law-based management will be improved significantly;

The social image, core competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises will be improved significantly.

Corporate social responsibility development includes five aspects, namely innovative development and quality assurance,coordinated development and harmonious relations, green development and safety & environmental protection, open development and integrity & win-win cooperation, shared development and charity.
Jiangsu province will implement policies according to different types of enterprises, and choose pilot enterprises to cultivate 500 outstanding enterprises with good CSR performance. At the same time, CSR evaluation system with Jiangsu characteristics will be established to further improve CSR information disclosure system and enhance the mechanism of regular release evaluation report on CSR development in Jiangsu. Relevant government departments in Jiangsu province will promote the interconnectivity and sharing of CSR information, and establish a blacklist for irresponsibility to further improve the rewards and punishments mechanism.

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