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SASAC:Fulfilling CSR is a duty of central SOEs


In the morning of March 12, for the media interview during the China's annual parliamentary session, dubbed as “two sessions”, Mr Xiao Yaqing, Director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said  fulfilling CSR is a duty of central SOE when he is asked about the question on how state-owned enterprises fulfill the social responsibility.  
Mr Xiao said: "first of all, as the central SOEs, to fulfill the social responsibility is the duty; as state-owned enterprises or central SOEs, they should take the lead to fulfill social responsibility. Second, social responsibility fulfillment is not only suitable in China, but also for the local communities where they operate their businesses. For the 112 central SOEs, they have spread their business in 185 countries and regions.
He added that, the development of enterprises and economy, also raises the requirement for them to fulfill social responsibility, such as environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction. Now the central government is vigorously promoting the targeted poverty alleviation.
He noted that, the central SOEs shoulder the tasks of 242 counties. So for what the people's need and the central government requires, the central SOEs is obligated to fulfill social responsibility. They should do their own CSR work first. In the process of internationalization, we should also fulfill social responsibility in accordance with the international rules and the requirements of the countries and regions where they has business. In the future, we should take the lead to better fulfill social responsibility.

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