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Sustainable Development in Gansu series of books published in Lanzhou


On the morning of March 10, a press conference for the publication and distribution of Sustainable Development in Gansu series of books was held in Lanzhou city. It is reported that this series contains four volumes on development strategies, circular economy, ecological prevention screen, and poverty alleviation. Theoretical research articles and high-end treatises written by both Chinese and international experts are included. It is said that Gansu province has made a range of great decisions and taken a series of significant measures since the implementation of Gansu 12th Five-Year development program.
According to the report, these great decisions and significant measures include the planning of regional development strategy, the implementation of overall circular economy planning, the comprehensive treatment of Shiyang River Basin and the protection of wetland in south Gansu, the design and implementation of a national level ecological prevention screen, the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction and water-saving agriculture, the putting forward of the concept of “three gorges on the land” and the development of new energy, the building of Chinese civilization heritage and innovation zone and the rising of cultural industry, the involvement from poverty alleviation through development to contacting poor villages and households and to targeted poverty alleviation, and so on. A great achievement has been made in pushing forward sustainable development and there are many successful cases, which can be attributed to the great efforts made by cadres at all levels as well as the mass in the province. However, there isn’t a set of books to record, expound and summarize these achievements.
Years ago, the Gansu Sustainability Research Association proposed to compile a series of books on sustainability in Gansu, and instantly won all parties attention and support in Gansu province. For this, the compilation committee and experts committee were organized and specific compilation plan was also formulated. After years of efforts, the four volumes on development strategies, circular economy, ecological prevention screen, and poverty alleviation have been published.
Closely centered on their own themes, these 4 volumes of books include theoretical research articles and high-end treatises of domestic and overseas experts, recording plenty of work programs and experience. Some of them even includes the development status of other provinces and cities. Generally, this series of books is scientific, informative and readable, which can serve as a record of the past and a reference for the future work as well. Compiling work for the other 4 volumes of the series is underway. The publication and distribution of this series of books opens a door for the majority of cadres to understand thoroughly the various measures made by the provincial party committee and government, and is a platform to learn from historical experience, especially in the field of sustainable development of economic society.
Sustainable development has become a hot topic in China and the world. The United Nations had been discussed the sustainable development problems many times. In September 2015, the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was passed. On December 21, 2016, China announced to implement China Action to promote realizing the UN 2030 Agenda and made it clear that China attaches great importance to the implementation of the agenda, and will  integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into the 13th-Five-Year Plan.

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