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【Top 10 International Events】No.10 GRI launches first global sustainability reporting standards


Since 2006, China WTO Tribune has set up an annual column of the top 10 domestic and international CSR events in the past year. In order to ensure comprehensive samples with more precise event description, and open and transparent selection process, we made daily collection and classification, and a consultation of a selected numbers of CSR experts from government, enterprises, universities and research institutions was conducted to further ensure the professionalism and authority of this list.

No.10 GRI launches first global sustainability reporting standards

On October 19, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) launched the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards. The newly-released GRI Standards definitively replace the G4 Guidelines, which will be phased out by 1 July 2018. Compared with the G4 Guidelines, GRI Standards adopt modular structure, with items more concise and clarified. The disclosure standards become more flexible and compatible to diverse markets. 
Reason for listing:
The change from G4 Guideline to GRI Standards shows growing maturity and standardized regulation on sustainability reporting. The new modular structure facilitates disclosure of environmental, social and economic information, connects the report with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provides a feasible and international standard for sustainability and non-finance information reporting. 

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