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CSCEC: Keeping quality mission in mind to expand a happy living environment

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Company profile
China State Construction Engineering Corporation Group, formally established in 1982, is the top investment and construction group in the world with the longest history of specialized operation and market-based integrated management. Ranking No.1 in the world, it mainly relies on China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited (in short: CSCEC), its listed company, to conduct business and management.
CSCEC has inherited the superior assets and corporate culture of China State Construction Engineering Corporation Group, owning a great variety of most valuable construction enterprise certificates. At present, it has 7 listed companies and 100 second-level holding subsidiaries. The main business covers investment and development (real estate development, construction financing and operation), engineering construction (housing and infrastructure construction), survey and design (green construction, energy conservation, environmental protection and e-commerce) and other fields. In 2017, the contract value of construction business was 2.45 trillion yuan and the business revenue passed the one trillion yuan for the first time. CSCEC ranked the 24th of Fortune Global 500 in 2017.
The construction industry is an important material production department of the national economy. The project quality is related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and directly affects the safety of the people. In promoting the Belt and Road Initiative, the project quality is not only related to the survival of the "going global" enterprises, but also directly affects the recognition and responsiveness of the countries along the Belt and Road.
How to satisfy customer's requirement with high quality project has become the task of construction enterprises to give thorough thinking and conduct practice.
Adhering to the management concept of "quality is above everything", CSCEC applies the globally leading quality control model, and integrates the "craftsmanship spirit" into every detail of the project construction to make every effort to create quality projects, create value for customers, employees, shareholders, partners and other stakeholders,  building and expanding a happy living environment.
Keeping quality mission in mind
Quality management. CSCEC develops a three-in-one quality management system including quality management decision-making system, quality management control system and quality management supervision system. The company promulgated the CSCEC Measures for Quality Management, and established quality management systems to clarify the responsibilities of various departments and posts at all levels, establishing quality management system from horizontal to vertical perspectives.
CSCEC promotes the integration of CSCEC culture and "craftsmanship spirit", and mobilizes the staffs enthusiasm of "comparing, learning, catching-up, and surpassing" through technical training and technical competition selection at all levels.
In 2017, the acceptance rate of its projects was 100% and 248 QC projects won the excellent QC Achievement Awards. By building quality management information platform, CSCEC used BIM technology, two-dimensional code technology, quality management APP and other information technology as daily quality management and control means, and enhanced the information quality supervision and control capabilities by relying on Internet big data and cloud platform technology.
The "5.5 Excellent Engineering Production Line" initiated by CSCEC won the Chinese Quality Award and became the only enterprise in the field of engineering construction in China to win this honor. "5.5 Excellent Engineering Production Line" emphasizes process quality control and focuses on key quality point detection to identify problem and provide timely improvement. The model meets the quality management needs of the construction industry, and has great significance in solving outstanding problems in the construction field and standardizing the development of the construction industry.
Process Control. CSCEC uses the world's leading quality control model and international advanced quality management methods and tools to carry out its work. Starting from the pre-construction quality planning and process control, the company takes the project quality planning as the guide based on the standardization of construction quality management, and is driven by scientific progress and technological innovation. With the lean process control as breakthrough and starting from preventing and eliminating common quality faults, it integrates the "craftsmanship spirit" into every detail of engineering construction and every moment of serving customers, to achieve all-round and whole process of quality control during construction, striving to build a solid foundation for the quality of CSCEC. This can be marked by 31 Luban Awards and 60 National Quality Project Awards in 2017, ranking first in the investment and construction industry.
Expanding a happy living environment
By utilizing the advantage of integrated operation with full industry chain, complete factors and full life-cycle services, CSCEC builds a large number of landmark projects, which have become the symbol of China's economic prosperity. In 2017, CSCEC carried out the principle of the 19th CPC National Congress with practices to explore the new mode of urban construction and operation in the future, aiming to serve as an example in the construction and operation of Xiongan New Area with Xiongan Quality new national urbanization and comprehensive urban construction reform.
Social benefit
CSCEC have undertaken almost 6,000 projects in 130 countries and regions. Up to now, it has undertaken 90% of key projects featured by "high-rise, difficult, urgent, dangerous and significant" constructions in China, such as China's super high-rise buildings over 300 meters, 3/4 of key airports, 3/4 of satellite launch bases, 1/2 of nuclear power plants, 1/3 of urban complex corridors, etc. These quality projects improve local infrastructure, promote the urbanization process, inherit local architectural civilization, and enhance the local people's livelihood. They have become a beautiful business card of "China Construction". CSCEC has won the Gold Award of International Security issued by National Security Council of the UK, the Architectural Leader Award-Super Gold Award issued by the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore, and First Award of the Moscow Architecture Highest Award-Quality Engineering Award.
Economic benefit
In 2017, CSCEC ranked the 24th of Fortune Global 500, ranking first in global investment and construction enterprises. It also ranked the 5th of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, and ranked top in TOP 250 International Contractors for 2017.
In the future, guided by the spirit of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era, CSCEC will continue to cultivate the craftsmenship spirit, set up a benchmark for the industry with quality projects, lead investment and construction enterprises to carry out the national strategy of " power China by quality", dedicate quality projects to the society, and promote the people to create a better and happy life. CSCEC will continue to promote management innovation and technological innovation, overcome management and technical problems in the global construction field, and show the great power of "China Construction" to the world, contributing Chinese Plan and Chinese Wisdom to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind

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