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China State Decoration Group Co.,Ltd: Green building promotes high quality development of Xiongan New Area

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Company profile
China State Decoration Group Co., Ltd (in short: CSDG) is a professional subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), a Fortune Global 500 enterprise and the largest construction real estate conglomerate in the world. It is the largest architectural decoration enterprise group in China and has more than 30 qualifications such as Class-A qualifications in decoration, curtain wall, gardening and building intelligent design, and Grade-1 in decoration, curtain wall, electromechanical installation, building intelligent, ancient building and landscaping construction, etc.
The 19th CPC National Congress proposed to build a "Beautiful China" and accelerate the ecological conservation, so as to comprehensively promote the "ecological restoration and urban renovation". The company seized the historical opportunity and put forward the development strategy of "double major businesses, and double brands". With the professional construction of decoration, gardening and investment in urban environment as the main missions, CSCEC Circle formally was established in 2017. It bears the mission of corporate group transition and development, and aims to realize the vision of a professionalized investment and construction group.
Xiongan New Area is a new area with national significance established by the Party Central Committee after the 18th CPC National Congress. It will be built into a centralized area of Beijing's non-capital functions, and strives to be an intelligent, green, low-carbon and innovation-driven new area, create "Xiongan quality" and become a model in promoting high-quality development in the country.
As the first construction project after the establishment of the new area, the decoration project of Xiongan Citizen Service Center has high standard construction requirements and tense project duration with important political significance. For the company, how to implement the requirements of high-quality development samples in Xiongan New Area, adhere to the quality first, energy-saving first, and green first in decoration engineering, and how to create the first green building sample project is the great challenge it faces.
As the key delivery link of Xiongan Citizen Service Center project, the decoration project determines the final presentation effect of the buildings. Decoration project is seen as the process of dressing buildings. From measurement to elaboration, color, texture, tailoring, until the final appearance, there are hundreds of procedures for internal and external decoration. The company delivered a perfect performance answer with efforts and wisdom.
The first passive building completed in 70 days, interpreting "Green Xiongan"
Among the seven individual buildings of Xiongan Citizen Service Center, Conference Training Center and Government Affairs Service Center are the first passive buildings, which interpret the philosophy of Green Xiongan with truly ultra-low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. Passive houses is a house without air conditioning or heating at all but only depends on the building shell to shadow and insulate at ordinary times and to get warm by absorption of solar heat in the winter. It also recycles the heat (cold) amount of indoor exhaust gas through the efficient heat (cold) recovery device of fresh air system, to significantly reduce the heating and refrigeration requirements of buildings, and has a very high energy-saving and environmental protection advantages.
For passive houses, curtain wall door and window system is the key to energy saving and emission reduction, which puts forward higher requirements for building external wall insulation and building internal material heat storage. As there is no need for heating or cooling indoors by external forces, it needs to minimize the numbers of windows sunlight shining through the windows can raise the indoor temperature. In the curtain wall construction of these two buildings, the company combines building energy-saving technologies organically, such as good ventilation design, three-layer glass windows with shading, and building orientation design, which develop an efficient and low-cost comprehensive building energy saving technology.
Fabricated construction to create "Xiongan Speed"
The high standard of environmental protection for passive building inevitably requires avoiding conventional construction technology. In this project, 40,000 square meters curtain wall was installed in 18 days, creating a "new speed" and "high quality" of curtain wall construction in China. The secret lies in fabricated construction. Traditional curtain wall installation technology needs to install keel, welding iron sheet, and then do insulation rock wool and panel from the inside to the outside. Now, fabricated construction is to process all the materials in the factory, and then completes installation in the construction site.
The Xiongan Citizen Service Center project adopts the fabricated construction, which greatly shortens not only the construction time on site but also the processing time of materials. For example, the aluminum plate, insulation rock wool and wall originally need to be separately manufactured in the factory, and now they form a single board, equivalent to the synthesizing three processes into one process. This not only reduces the working procedure in construction site and the types of work, improves the working efficiency, but also shortens the acceptance process as the procedures are used to require the acceptance and now only one time of acceptance is needed.
At the same time, fabricated technology is also widely used in interior decoration. In the whole project, the fabricated rate is as high as 70 %-80 %. The glass partition and light partition walls in the indoor fire protection zones are all made of fabricated materials, such as high-density paint-free decorative ETERPAN is basically used in the surface layer, which not only avoids the spraying process of latex paint, but also greatly reduces indoor wet work and greatly shortens the construction cycle.
Technological innovation empowers smart buildings
The decoration engineering of Xiongan Civil Service Center uses the whole process quality retrospect systems can a QR code with information of material, installation location, executive manager and responsible foreman by mobile phone, and the exact delivery time, size and volume, identification data and restriction conditions, etc., the function, cautions and responsible person is all clearly shown. The company combines this QR code management system with BIM model and establishes a database by inputting key information such as production, transportation, storage and installation process, which provides key data support for the city operation of smart Xiongan. 
Through unmanned aerial camera, delayed photography and VR technology, the team records the construction site and collects image materials in real time, so as to monitor dust noise, operators, component state and construction progress in a convenient way. Managers can see ultra-high definition pictures through computers or even on mobile phones, understand all the details of the construction site and make coordination and command, which saves a lot of delivery time between the construction site and the project department.
Social Benefit
The company adopts advanced technology for the Xiongan Citizen Service Center project. By using passive buildings, it has saved up 70% energy compared with traditional buildings and achieved the maximum energy-saving goal. The project makes the green Xiongan planning a reality, achieves the goal of high-quality development of Xiongan New Area, and sets a benchmark for the implementation of green and energy-saving decoration in Xiongan New Area in the future.
Economic Benefit
In this project, the company not only established a green energy-saving building model project, but also used prefabricated construction and real-time database management system to create "Xiongan Speed" and "Xiongan Quality", which greatly saved construction time. For some fabricated areas, it took at least three months according to the usual practice, but was completed only in more than 30 days for the project. The project has led the industry development in energy saving, won a good reputation for CSDG, and helped CSDG to expand the market of energy-saving and environmental protection decoration in China. 
Green and energy-saving decoration is the development goal and trend of the whole building decoration industry in the new era. CSDG, as the industry leader, will fully implement the five new development concepts of "Innovation, Coordination, Greenness, Openness and Sharing". It will firmly take the road of green decoration development, implement the concepts of green, low-carbon and energy-saving in building construction to truly achieve energy saving and environmental protection. It will not only set an example for the green development of decoration industry, but also makes positive contributions to protecting environment and benefiting society. 
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