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Beijing Science Park Development (Group) Co., Ltd.: Building new sci-tech towns with industry-city integration to promote urban transformation and upgrading

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Company profile
Beijing Science Park Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BSD") was founded in 1999 by the Beijing Municipal Government according to the Written Approval from the State Council to accelerate the development of the ZGC Science and Technology Park. It is an important platform for Beijing State-owned Company in the field of urban development.
BSD has successfully operated the brand projects of central business district of Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun Software Park, Qingdao Blue Biomedical Industry Park, Changchun North Lake Science and Technology Park, etc. and developed a "4+1" main business system featuring technology real estate, which combines industrial new town, industrial park, financial business, residential real estate and light assets operation. BSD has made every effort to promote the upgrading of products from sci-tech new town to intelligent industry new town and develop the horizontal expansion of industrial business from technology real estate to cultural tourism real estate and senior care real estate. It has also made a full-fledged push into the strategic upgrading of an operator of first-class new towns and new districts.
BSD has 17 branches and subsidiaries with nearly 800 employees.
Although Northeast China has great potential for development, it has been developing slowly for many years. Before 2012, the overall industrial structure of Changchun City, Jilin Province, was relatively single. Overdependence on the automobile industry and some large enterprises led to a high degree of market concentration. It is urgent to enrich the industrial types. Without industrial support, cities can only be reduced to "empty cities"; without urban support, industries cannot get rid of the fate of "idling". During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the emerging industries such as photoelectric information, biomedicine and new materials were listed as equally important industries as automobiles and agricultural processing in Changchun. How to promote the city by industries and boost industry development by urban development is a difficult problem faced by Changchun under the background of economic transformation and upgrading.
After 2008, BSD began to replicate Zhongguancun in the whole country. According to the concept of industry-city integration, it has constructed the industry-led micro-city with the principle of "city boosts industries, industries thrive city, livable urban environment and suitable for industry development and harmonious development". Urban functions and industrial factors should developed in coordination to promote the gathering of innovative elements of new towns, serve enterprises to develop innovation and entrepreneurship, and improve the living facilities of industrial parks.
Changchun is an old industrial center in China. Its economic development has maintained a high level in Northeast China. The scientific research institutes and universities are rich in resources and have a good scientific research foundation in here, which can lay a good foundation for Changchun's technological innovation-driven development. BSD and Jilin Provincial Government signed a contract in June 2012 to build Changchun North Lake Science and Technology Park. By adhering to the principle of technology real estate development and industrial services, namely, "city boosts industries, industries thrive city, livable urban environment and suitable for industry development and harmonious development" of , scientific functional layout planning and strict industrial format control, BSD strives to build a high-tech industrial park which covers high-tech parks, financial business, ecological residential and other product forms.
Constructing industrial ecosphere
Changchun North Lake Science and Technology Park is mainly composed of shared work space, technology incubator buildings, innovation accelerator and R&D office. It provides R&D, pilot production, operation and other property space in line with industrial standards and international standards for scientific research institutions and enterprises in the stage of development, incubation and acceleration. North Lake Science and Technology Park actively develops strategic emerging industries, establishes industrial parks with different themes such as information technology, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, and introduces high-tech, environment-friendly and clean production enterprises, to realize the organic integration of urban and industrial functions, and become an important part of the national innovation-driven strategy.
Industry service
In science parks, as important as hardware facilities, is the software environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. From the aspects of innovation-driven development, industrial cluster, industrial introduction, capital services, talent services, market connectivity, government policies and technological innovation, the parks have built all-round industrial services of life, productivity and policy that are conducive to business incubation, accelerated growth and listing guidance, including more than 100 park service system indicators. With the platform operation as a driving force, the park aim to effectively promote the development of innovative enterprises and start-ups.
Promoting the government to introduce new policies
BSD cooperates with local governments to guide local technology innovation and industrial upgrading in policy, and promotes Changchun City to issue a special system document on promoting science parks and high-tech development. Changchun New Area has promulgated many preferential policies for innovation enterprises and start-ups, including rent reduction and exemption. The total rent subsidy for enterprises in the park is more than 60 million yuan, and the success rate of entrepreneurship has been improved through efficient government services.
Developing financial services
BSD has set up a science and technology financial platform, integrated 20 financial service institutions, and provided more than 70 million yuan of equity and creditor's rights financing for many enterprises in the park. BSD and Jilin provincial governments at all levels initiated to establish Jilin Province Integrated Innovation Seed Fund, with a total investment of 18 million yuan, providing financial support for high-quality enterprises in the park.
Academic Eco-Park
The park has created the featured ecological park of "ecological gathers green shade" and "courtyard in scenery", presenting different beautiful scenery of four seasons, and adopted the architecture highlighting college flavor, open-air stadium and music platform with humanistic flavor. On the basis of following the original planning, the landscape design also created a green axis of landscape throughout the region, providing a more comfortable working and living environment
Changchun North Lake Science and Technology Park has won many honors, such as being recognized as the incubator of state-level science and technology enterprises by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the second batch of National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Bases For Small and Micro Enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the transformation base of major scientific and technological achievements in Jilin Province and Changchun City, the pilot field of Changchun's industrial policy and Changchun demonstration zone of economic structural transition.
In 2017, the park has settled more than 100 venture group enterprises, 90 scientific and technological R&D enterprises, supported 10 listed enterprises in the park, 6 listed on the New OTC Market and more than 10 national high-tech enterprises. The total output value of the park exceeds 3 billion yuan, with 174 patents for scientific research achievements and more than 2,500 employees, indirectly driving the employment of more than 10,000 people. It also gathers seven innovation and entrepreneurship service platforms and three science and technology service platforms, thus promoting the building and upgrading of industrial environment.
In 2017, the geographic information technology industry incubation base of North Lake Science and Technology Park was opened in Jilin Province. 25 geographic science and technology enterprises were stationed synchronously, and have promoted the development of industrial clusters, innovation and standardization, striving to build a demonstration base of geographic information industry cluster and development base and a "big data" innovation highland rooted in Jilin and covering Northeast Asia. At the opening of the biomedical park, the first batch of ten biomedical enterprises signed into the park and the phase I of the park industry has gathered nearly 40 biomedical enterprises. The public service platform of biomedicine has been officially launched. At present, four projects have been officially signed. North Lake Science and Technology Park has become the development cluster of innovation biomedical enterprises and start-up biomedical entrepreneurship in Changchun and even Jilin Province.
The industry-city integration is an important way to implement the principle of the 19th CPC National Congress and to solve the insufficient imbalance of urban and rural development. It is also an inevitable requirement for promoting urban and rural integration and an inevitable trend for the transformation and upgrading of the real estate industry. BSD promotes regional economic development and upgrading of industrial structure as its mission, organically links the implementation of national innovation strategy with the construction of new-type urbanization through continuous upgrading of industrial system and the updated type of product innovation. In the future, BSD will develop a new intelligent industrial town, realize mutual support of multiple industries with complete public infrastructure and supporting service, coordinate support of industrial cluster and population agglomeration, and become a model to promote new urbanization.
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