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Shenzhen Sez Construction And Development Group Co., Ltd.: One-stop service in the park to stimulate the vitality of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises

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Company profile
Shenzhen Sez Construction And Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SCD) is a large state-owned comprehensive investment and financing company established by Shenzhen Municipal Government in 2011, in order to accelerate the reform of the investment system and promote the integration process of the Special Zones. The registered capital of the company is 32.8 billion yuan. Since its establishment, SCD has focused on the development vision of "Comprehensive Development Operator of New Urban with National Demonstration Function", and effectively played the role as municipal investment and financing platform, major infrastructure construction platform of Shenzhen, expansion platform of urban industry upgrading space and Shenzhen counterpart supporting platform etc. With the development model led by government and promoted by market-oriented operations, it aims to build core corporate competitiveness and now has become an important force to promote the development of Shenzhen's urban development and support the transformation and upgrading of industries.
For most start-ups, they lack resources such as funds, talents and venues, and are also in a weak position in policy services, legal services and technical support. How to smoothly get through the most vulnerable "Death Valley" stage in the early stage of entrepreneurship has become the biggest problem faced by the majority of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises in the development process. Industrial parks, as important carriers for transforming the mode of economic development and regional innovation, can provide convenience and soil for the development of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises, reducing the risk of failure to a certain extent. As the first national independent innovation demonstration zone with the city as the basic unit in China, Shenzhen contains a large number of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises who are struggling for survival and long-term development.
SCD serves as a municipal comprehensive investment platform. How to give full play to its own advantages and use relevant resources, do a good job in the development and operation of new technology industrial parks so as to practically help small and medium-sized innovative enterprises in Shenzhen grow healthily, thus promoting urban development and supporting industrial transformation and upgrading in Shenzhen, has become an opportunity and challenge in the SCD's development process.
SCD set up a specialized platform company designed for the development, construction and operation of science park. The platform company is responsible for the whole process management of development, construction, investment and operation of the parks and provides one-stop park services from policy guidance, government preferential measures, enterprise establishment, technology transfer to talent residence and accommodation, etc, giving full play to the incubation, cultivation and agglomeration function of the parks,  and thus supports the rapid development of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises.
Creating platform advantage of linkage development for industrial parks. SCD focuses on industrial investment and innovation entrepreneurship services, practicing the investment operation mode of new industrial parks such as shop-factory, and Headquarters R&D + Production Base. It constructs an integrated development system of planning, construction and operation to promote the organic integration and linkage development between Shenzhen and the foreign industrial parks, striving to build a leading domestic science and technology industrial park development and operation mode with Shenzhen characteristics. In terms of operation system, the science and technology park project focuses on five service systems of industrial finance, public technology, circle customers, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation and property security and aims to form four value-added platforms: investment and financing, technical support, intelligent park and enterprise service, which will help create an innovative business operation system integrating "industry investment + industry service + industry extension", promote industrial cluster development and better serve for small and medium-sized innovative enterprises in the parks.
Building Smart+C intelligent park innovation service system. SCD actively builds a "Smart+C" service system for enterprises in the parks based on the new generation of information technology such as social networks, mobile internet, big data, and cloud technology. Focusing on the needs of industries, enterprises, talents and entrepreneurship, SCD builds a unified intelligent operation service platform for the industry, city and community. It also plans to build eight service systems for intelligent parks, such as innovation, strategic resources, enterprise collection and supply, easy entry, financial leasing, incubator service, talent care, and is devoted to meeting the one-stop service needs of enterprises in the parks, reducing enterprise start-up cost and releasing entrepreneur's vitality.
Developing technology financial service system of industrial parks. In order to meet the financing needs of enterprises in parks, SCD actively seeks cooperation with financial institutions, tries to establish industrial funds, and actively develops financial services such as financial leasing, guarantees, small-amount loan, and credit loan, which helps enterprises carry out equity financing, credit financing and bank financing, and  provides financial support for the enterprises to explore the market. To some extent, these efforts can help small and medium-sized innovative enterprises solve financing problems and promote the enterprises develop well.
Constructing an innovative entrepreneurship counseling system. SCD jointly initiates the Urban DreamWorks Project with Tencent, Huawei, Langjian and other enterprises and launches Urban DreamWorks Seed Project Incubation Training Camp in an all-round way, to invite 16 leading institutions instructors from various fields, such as Tencent, Huawei, Langjian, Guangqi, and Deloitte to provide comprehensive incubation guidance for the urban innovation projects. In addition, the SCD has also established a CEO Entrepreneur + Angel Investment bipolar entrepreneur counseling system for the enterprises, and established a mechanism for liaisons, counselors, and entrepreneurial tutors to systematically help enterprises.
Social benefit
Based on the one-stop service concept, SCD builds the innovation park service system with innovation. Through product design, industrial development services, intelligent ecological environment and other measures, SCD gathers innovative resources, builds innovative networks, creates innovative parks, and drives the agglomeration development of enterprises in the park, helping the industrial transformation and upgrading of Shenzhen and its districts.
At present, Shenzhen-Guangzhou Industrial Park has completed a fixed asset investment of about 2.5 billion yuan. It has realized industrial output value of about 1.2 billion yuan, driven employment of about 6,000 people, and promoted the registration and establishment of 11 companies. The total registered capital is 12.338 billion yuan, boosting the annual GDP of the economic development zone by 12% year on year, and boosting fixed asset investment in the economic development zone by 18.6%.
Chuangzhi Cloudcity Project initiated BIM-based building operation and maintenance management system. It can improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, provide energy-saving reference for enterprises in the parks, and advocate low-carbon production and lifestyle through big data. The park's construction projects innovate in sponge city technology and give full play to the role of building and other systems in rainwater storage and slow release, effectively controlling stormwater runoff and creating a good environment for the park.
Economic benefit
By the end of 2017, SCD has developed many projects, such as Liuxiandong Strategic New Industry Headquarters No.1 Neighbor Project (Chuangzhi Cloudcity), Guangming Photoelectric Enterprise Industry Accelerator Project (Yunzhi Science Park), Guangming Shangzhi Science Park. And their total building area is about 2 million square meters. While supporting the rapid development of many enterprises in the parks, the rent of enterprises has also created considerable business income for the company. In 2017, SCD realized business income of 1.6 billion yuan.
In the future, SCD will adopt a pioneering spirit of reform and innovation. While perfecting the one-stop service in the parks, SCD will also share the growth dividends of enterprises through investment, etc., providing financial guarantee for the sustainable development of the parks. SCD plans to make the one-stop park service a synonym for the brand of SCD Science and Technology Park, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the operating companies in the science and technology parks, thus better serving and supporting small and medium-sized innovative enterprises,  and helping them develop vigorously.
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