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Potevio Company Limited: Smart senior care service to concern the health of the elderly

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Company profile
Potevio Company Limited (hereinafter called “Potevio”) is a state-owned company with its main lines of business engaging in ICT products manufacturing, industrial investment, trade, related technology research and services. Its operation covers communications, information security, low carbon and green energy, industrial automation and financial electronics, innovation and entrepreneurship platforms,etc .
As a national backbone enterprise of innovated high and new technology, Potevio owns five listed companies. Its net asset value exceeds 15 billion yuan with more than 20,000 employees. Potevio has established important technology R&D and industrial manufacturing bases in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Economic Circle, Yangtze and Pearl River Delta and middle and western part of China, providing its products and services to more than 100 countries and regions across the world. “Potevio” is one of the renowned brands with national special support for exportation.
By the end of 2017, there were 241 million elderly people aged 60 or older in China, accounting for 17.3% of the total population. It is estimated that by 2050, the number of aging population in China will reach 487 million, accounting for 34.9% of the total population. It can be seen that China has entered a deeply aging society and has become one of countries with the fastest growing aging population. However, China's senior care market is still developing slowly, and the types and quality of services fail to meet the increasing demand for old-age care.
Therefore, in order to promote the development of the endowment service market and solve the problems of single provision, limited service items, low service level and insufficient technical services, Potevio, a national innovative high-tech backbone enterprise in the information and communication industry, has been thinking about how to be make use of the experience accumulated by the company's in centuries of development, rely on the advantages of communication and information technology, and  connect multiple resources with the "Internet +" thinking, so as to realize the functions of the integration, optimization and distribution of old-age service resources, and create a sustainable ecosystem of  senior care while satisfying people's different needs for senior care.
Potevio focuses on the Internet, Internet of Things, big data and other information technology to provide intelligent health monitoring equipment through developing intelligent Internet service platforms by utilizing "Internet +". Supported by user database, health information database, franchisee database, and other big data, it integrates convenient service, health management, call center, government management, elderly and children's APP and other business systems as well as high-quality service resources, providing one-stop smart senior care solution to realizing the happiness of the elderly and satisfying the government's regulatory needs.  
Business support system integrates senior care resources to build a one-stop senior care platform
Based on the rich experience of communication technology and Internet technology, Potevio has built a comprehensive senior care service system integrating government management system, convenience service system, health management system, call center system, and elderly and children's APP application system ,which provides data support  for the government decision-making; By integrating operators, service providers and supplier data, it realizes informationization and unified management; it also provides vital signs monitoring, call warning, health file management and other functions for the elderly, and provides users with 24/7  intelligent voice calls , emergency assistance, community convenience and other senior care services, comprehensively grasping the health status of the elderly.
Data support system analyzes individual data and provides targeted senior care services
Based on the smart senior care platform for collecting big data on senior care, Potevio builds databases on users, health information, franchisees, location and business information, and provides data resources storage services for the elderly's health status, living habits, consumption capability, and hobbies. In addition, through the big data mining and analysis technology, the deep demand of the elderly is explored, and the online information-based senior care management service and the offline senior care service are combined to provide targeted services for the elderly.
Intelligent terminal system monitors life and health to achieve personalized health management
In order to meet the health management needs of the elderly in China, Potevio not only realizes the continuous collection of vital signs data through intelligent health monitoring terminal equipment such as smart mattresses, smart watches, smart bracelets, intelligent health detectors, etc. by providing continuous monitoring of the health data and getting data feedback from equipment, it can have disease prediction, early warning, effective intervention and effect evaluation for the elderly's physical condition, realizing life cycle health management of the elderly. Among them, the intelligent health detector has functions of health data collection and informatization, and it can detect health-related data such as electrocardiogram, heart rate, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen, urine routine, body temperature, body weight, uric acid, total cholesterol, and support the upload of the collected health data to the platform  for establishing long-term health records, and providing targeted health management recommendations ,which can achieve elderly chronic disease management and improve the health of the elderly.
Social benefit
Potevio takes the living needs of the elderly as the starting point, and provides diversified, precise, professional and personalized services for the elderly through the application of “Internet +”senior care, which combines intelligent hardware with big data and cloud computing. The data analysis also solves the problems of the lagging government supervision methods and low supervision efficiency, so that the elderly can really enjoy a sense of security.
Economic benefit
Potevio's "Internet +" smart senior care solution has received wide attention since its launch. It has launched in-depth cooperation with a number of senior care organizations, governments and other organizations on China's senior care issues to promote the further development of smart senior care. In this process, Potevio  made more efforts to gradually form the preliminary layout of smart industries, including smart city, smart government, smart senior care, smart medical care, etc., laying as solid foundation for enterprises who trans formed themselves from traditional communication equipment manufacturers to information technology solution providers and comprehensive operational service providers.
In 2017, Potevio cooperated with more than 10 community endowment organizations in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities. The number of effective users reached 19,000 and the operating income was 37 million yuan. The company thus won the title of “Pilot Model Enterprise for Smart and Healthy Senior Care Application”.
Faced with the increasingly serious aging population, Potevio will actively leverage the rich professional experience in the ICT industry to create a good economic living environment and a warm and peaceful spiritual home for the elderly. The one-stop smart senior care solution will enable the elderly to fully enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by the Internet of Things, and contribute more to solving the worries of social and personal endowment.
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