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Guangdong Danz Group Co., Ltd.: Replenishing water for the dry land and provide clean water for children

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Company profile
Guangdong Danz Group Co., Ltd.(short as DANZ) was founded in 1998. It is a cosmetics company integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. Since its establishment, the Group has been paying attention to the independent research and development of high-tech, formulated natural and ecological raw materials, especially the investment in scientific research. DANZ has successively established a series of well-known products in the field of hydrating skin care in China, such as WETCODE, TENOR, CARDE, DANZ YUEZHICUI, striving to create a first-class Chinese brand. DANZ focuses on product quality and brand image. While developing its own business, it adheres to the corporate mission of “making human beings more beautiful”, and has established the DANZ Foundation in Guangdong Province to carry out charitable activities and benefit the society with practical actions.
The shortage of water resources and the insecurity of drinking water affect 323 million of the rural population in China. There are nearly 96 million people who have low guarantee rates for daily water use, agricultural water and water for livestock.114,000 children in rural schools have problems such as excessive volume of fluoride and arsenic, bitter and salt drinking water. Even with clean water sterilizing equipment, children are still used to drinking raw water directly, and diarrhea occurs frequently. In 2015, the United Nations positioned “clean water and sanitation” as one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. For the Chinese government and enterprises, how to use water sources more efficiently to improve drinking water conditions in rural areas has become an urgent problem.
As a skin care production, R&D and marketing company with the concept of "first-class brand for the benefit of the society", DANZ is widely known for the WETCODE series, which is positioned as a “hydration expert”. As the source of human life, "water" is still not a resource that everyone can enjoy under the uncoordinated and inadequate regional development. In order to closely integrate the development of DANZ with the current background of the times, DANZ examines its corporate capabilities and development strategies, raising the issue of drinking water safety to the height of corporate strategic responsibility. It developed the CSR project to provide “water replenishment” for the dry land of the motherland, and provide “DANZ Rain Actions” for the people suffering from severe drought and water shortage and rural teachers and students who drink unsafe water. From the three aspects of drinking water project construction, safe water equipment facilities renovation, drinking water safety training, it aims to improve the situation of water shortage and unsafe drinking water in mountainous areas.
Scientifically developing projects to solve drought problems in mountainous areas
DANZ cooperates with experienced professional organizations in the drinking water project and DANZ Foundation provides financial support to ensure that the project best meets the drinking and irrigation needs of local residents. The project team visit the community and fully consider the local terrain, water source conditions, farmland layout, and residents' living space. They rationally design the project of human and animal drinking water network, and arrange rainwater collection cellars in dry areas that are easy to obtain water and do not cause pollution, which not only meets the needs of drinking, irrigation and livestock in mountainous areas, but also ensures the safety of water sources.
Keeping schools priority to guarantee the drinking water safety of teachers and students
There are not a few schools facing drinking water safety in mountain areas. DANZ follows the Four Quadrants of Management. DANZ prefers rural primary and secondary schools in mountainous areas with serious water pollution for the supporting targets of “DANZ Rain Actions”. When installing the water purification equipment, the company fully considers the number of teachers and students in the school, as well as the durability and operation of the water purification equipment. At the same time, DANZ builds a new type of pools in the school to solve the problem of water shortage from the hardware conditions.
Setting up small classes to help children develop good health habits
 “Safe drinking water” seems very strange for many people in remote villages. Even if the equipment is properly installed, the villagers and children, sometimes, for the easy way, or out of old habits, still drinking raw water. That requires companies to continue to educate them. In cooperation with NGOs, DANZ starts small classes for learning safety and health knowledge in rural areas. Through demonstration of water purifier usage, scene simulation and case analysis of disease and sanitation, the class popularize the knowledge of safe drinking water to villagers and children, enhancing the consciousness of safe drinking water in their daily life. DANZ keeps track of the utilization rate of water purification equipment in DANZ Rain Action and establishes long-term drinking water education cooperation projects with professional institutions, helping children to develop the awareness and habit of drinking water voluntarily.
Social benefit
Since implemented in 2012, the project has covered 79 townships in 7 provinces. The project constructed 107.82km of drinking water network, 993 water cellars, and donated 393 water purification facilities, benefiting 37,900 villagers and 48,400 teachers and students. It plays an important role in solving the problem of water shortage and drinking water safety in the aided areas. The educational input of DANZ and NGOs has improved the health concepts and habits of villagers and children.
Economic benefit
The continuous public welfare investment enriches the brand connotation of “making human beings more beautiful, happier and more equal”, which also adds charms of the CSR practices and corporate humane care to the brand of WETCODE.“DANZ Rain Action”, echoing the UN Sustainable Development Goal “clean water and sanitation”, is the performance of DANZ as a private enterprise to actively participate in solving global common problems, demonstrating the sense of mission and responsibility in the corporate era. As the project continues to invest, the brand value of DANZ will continue to be sublimated.
In 2017, the DANZ Foundation was awarded the “Charity Organization” qualification and passed the 4A Social Organization Grade Evaluation Standard, and successfully applied for public funding. From 2018, DANZ Foundation will continue to promote traditional philanthropic ideas and strive to explore a modern way of public welfare cause. It will complete the real transformation of a corporate nonprofit organization in the new era from strategic thinking, project design, community integration and other fields, striving to stimulate more social resources and promote the solution of drinking water, education, poverty and other issues.
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