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Shanghai Emergency Rescue Information Technology Co., LTD.:Commercial way to promote public first aid and build life support platform


Company profile
Founded in 2010, Shanghai Emergency Rescue Information Technology Co., LTD., aims to be a social enterprise to treat the realization of social goal as the first mission and business goals as the second mission. The Company actively builds the First Respond brand. Through introducing a global first aid service technology, the company has created a leading domestic event protection system and is committed to resolving social problems caused by the lack of public emergency resources in a commercial manner.
Headquartered in Shanghai Gongyi Xintiandi, a former historical site renovated into social innovation park in Huangpu District, First Respond is a leading Chinese social enterprise dedicated to delivering exceptional quality first aid training, services, and solutions to businesses and individuals in China. It is also an American Heart Association (AHA) authorized training site and currently, has two training centers located in Shanghai and Beijing, aiming to create social impacts by offering services and solutions to increase public’s awareness of safety issues in China and promote the idea of “mutual aid” as the new Chinese social norm. In June 2016, First Respond became the very first certified B Corporation in Mainland China.
With the rapid development of China's sports industry and the people's growing passion for sports and health, various outdoor races for all are surging in China. Under the state of overload exercise, the amount of blood and oxygen needed by the body’s heart and circulatory system will greatly increase, which will cause cardiac arrest. However, there isn't adequate emergency medical care in many large sports events. As a result, runners with cardiac arrest may suffer sudden death due to the lack of timely and effective first aid.
Besides, there are also many sudden death accidents caused by cardiac arrest in daily work, life and entertainment. Statistics show that the number of people who died of cardiac arrest is more than 540,000 each year in our country, and the rescue success rate is less than 1%, whereas the foreign rescue success rate is as high as 30%, which mainly lies in the appropriate rescue from the witnesses on the site. Therefore, how to provide emergency medical care to everyone in a better, quicker and more economical way, to make up the severe shortage of per-hospital first aid resources in China, and to improve the people's ability of rescuing themselves and helping others in emergencies so as to avoid tragedies are the major issues that First Respond devotes to solving.
Related medical research indicates that the survival rate of the sick will reach 30% to 40% if timely and effective CPR is accessible within 4 minutes after cardiac arrest occurs and further BLS/ACLS is available within 8 minutes. Therefore, only if first responders or the people around can carry out CPR for the sick within the golden 4 minutes and use automatic AED at the same time to conduct timely and appropriate first aid on the site, can we lay a foundation to bring the sick back to life. Based on this, First Respond launches first aid ability training for enterprises and individuals, provides life rescue guarantee services for various events, promotes enterprises to share their first aid medical facilities, and builds a social sharing first aid platform actively, so as to achieve the seamless connection of pre-hospital first aid and hospital treatment and to make up the shortage of public first aid resources in China at present.
Launch first aid training courses
In order to improve the people's ability to practice self-rescue and mutual aid in emergencies and to facilitate the development of mutual aid cause for all, First Respond has launched Heartsaver courses authorized by the American Heart Association for enterprises and individuals. It teaches both internal emergency medical care skills for cardiac arrest, dyspnea, airway obstruction, faint and shock, and external emergency first aid methods to deal with bleeding, fracture, sprain, burn injuries and poisoning. Apart from this, First Respond also designs special courses for core first-aiders and conducts training and drills for emergencies like drowning children, car accidents and earthquakes to help people cope with emergencies in daily work and life.
Keep improving event guarantee service systems
Event guarantee service is one of First Respond's main services. It has input plenty of human resources, medical facilities and emergency vehicles in each event. These human resources include experienced first aid medical officers, lighting man, that is first-aiders on the fixed positions along the racing track, and first aid rabbit, people who follow the competitors to run the full course, and those who provide logistics materials as well. To make sure that life rescue is available at the first time for the sick suffering from cardiac arrest in matches, First Respond has researched and developed a smart first aid system independently and keeps improving it. It also equipped first aid volunteers and ambulances with APP and GPS so that the command center can know about the real-time conditions of the runners. Through building a complete event medical care system, First Respond has realized the goal of carrying out CPR within 2 minutes, launching AED within 4 minutes, and having the ambulances arrived within 8 minutes, thus establishing a platform connected with 120 first aid center seamlessly.
Innovate the sharing model of first aid resources
In addition to having more people who can and are willing to implement CPR first aid, timely access to first aid facilities like AED is also crucial in cases of various cardiac arrest accidents. To solve this problem, First Respond advocates to use the way of sharing economy to deal with the absence of first aid resources in society. It appeals enterprises to provide first aid facilities for the communities they locate for free so that that people living nearby can have access to them and be assisted timely. This initiative is now supported and responded by more and more enterprises. Meanwhile, First Respond plays an active role in building the smart first aid IT system, and is dedicated to make it a widely used and influential social sharing first aid platform. Its AED life-saving map has been available in many platforms, such as Tencent map of Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc., Wechat city service, and Alipay city service. It has also launched air lectures on hot news on internet platforms like Blog and QQ news.
Social benefit
By January 4, 2017, First Respond had provided services for over 200 marathons in China along with nearly ten thousands of volunteers. It was also put into use in one of the most important marathons in the world, that is, the 2017 Tokyo international marathon and it will become the appointed guarantee system for some world class events like Tokyo marathon and Nagoya marathon. First respond has guaranteed the safety of over 790,000 runners, influenced millions of people, and successfully identified and taken part in 11 cardiac arrest rescues. The number of falling-down people that have been rescued is countless and the success rescue rate is leading in the world.
First Respond has provided 150,000 hours of scenario courses and AHAHeartSaver courses, and empowered nearly 90,000 adults and children to have the right knowledge and skills of first aid. Over millions of people have participated in its mutual aid for all training. With the growing of First Respond and the expanding of its influence, more and more volunteers are involved in various first aid activities carried out by First Respond. This number has increased from 1000 in 2014, to 3000 in 2015, and to 5000 in 2016.
Economic benefit
The First Respond has won recognition and support from a large number of corporate customers in a short period and provided emergency self-help SOS system services to hundreds of enterprise customers and stadiums and schools such as Alibaba, Shanghai Tower and Ping An Group, showing a good prospects for development. In 2015, First Respond received Pre-A round investment from two companies, Tencent and Yuyue Medical.
At present, the First Respond has reached strategic cooperation with business organizations such as Tencent and Cherished Dream China Education Foundation, hoping to utilize the resources of the Internet platform to promote the popularization of emergency and first aid knowledge and to dedicate enabling 20 million Chinese to master basic emergency response capabilities within five years. By then, it will develop the mutual aid and mutual aid into the norm in Chinese society and provide 1.4 billion Chinese people with more convenient and advanced services for S0S and rescue. 

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