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Guangzhou MBS Environmental Technology Corporation:Technological innovation and mode innovation to solve white pollution


Company profile
Guangzhou Made by Stone Environmental Technology Corporation (hereafter shortened as “MBS”) was established in 2011, having its headquarters in Fanyu, Guangzhou. The company provides breakthrough environmental products solutions with unique integrated stone plastic master batch degradation technology. Except for the MBS stone plastic master batch, the company’s products cover stone plastic products of film blowing, flow casting, injection molding, and vacuum forming. The company has a passion for green career and is devoted to promoting the healthy, fast and sustainable development of environmental protection industry. It has become an industry leader under the principle of “innovating with newness, assuming responsibility with heart”, and has participated in the setting of several industry standards and was awarded the honor of outstanding enterprise of national energy conservation and environmental protection.
While bringing people convenience, plastic products also bring white pollution and even a deeper chain reaction: resource crisis, soil and water pollution, intensified climate change,etc. According to statistics, about 2/3 cities in China are trapped into the garbage siege dilemma, and especially the white pollution has become a thorny problem of urban development. Due to technical or operational constraints, most environmentally friendly degradable materials do not have an advantage in overall performance and production costs compared with conventional petroleum-based materials, making them difficult to enter the market on a large scale, which puts many environmentally friendly materials companies in survival difficulties.
How to break through the raw materials and technical constraints to obtain new alternative materials with environmental benefits, performance protection and cost advantages, and how to innovate in sustainable business model to promote the promotion and application of new environmentally friendly materials, further enhance the sustainable momentum of these enterprises so as to better eliminate white pollution from the source to, is the urgent problem to be solved.
MBS takes “rooting in China’s livelihood environmental industry and being the most valuable comprehensive service supplier in the environmental industry” as its goal and has technology innovation and model innovation as its two pillars. The company strives to realize the new value of green production capacity through a sustainable and efficient method so as to push the social reform of environmental industry.
Source material from the origin and return them to the earth
In order to change the environmental and social problems brought by petroleum industry fundamentally, MBS modifies properties of stone, the richest resource in the earth crust, thoroughly, and has developed an original new environmental material, PCC. Results of professional certification show that MBS stone plastic master batch has reached the environmental protection standards in Europe and America and that it is widely applied in plastic processing areas of film blowing, injection molding, blow molding and vacuum forming. Plastic film products used in daily life, toys, home-used plastic products, inner lining, etc. can all be replaced, and the properties of plastic are well retained. The advent of stone plastic master batch historically makes petroleum a supplementary material. Products made from MBS stone plastic master batch have rich raw materials, and can be easily decomposed into stone powder (whose main ingredient is calcium carbonate), producing no toxic gas, coming from nature and returning to nature, which solves environmental problems brought by plastic products made from traditional petroleum-based material from the source.
Innovation-driven development to create the unusual achievement
As the leader and promoter of China’s stone plastic innovation in environmental protection field, MBS perfects science and technology innovation system continuously, strengthens the transformation and application of achievements, owns 36 patent technologies, including patents for invention, has acquired 8 international certifications, including SGS, Reach and Rohs of European Union and FDA in America, and 5 domestic certifications as well, and was awarded the title of high-tech products in Guangzhou province. In order to create better conditions for industrial development, the company strengthens communication and cooperation with external intellectual resources actively and has attracted technical teams from South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Zhejiang University and American National Laboratory to take part in the building of the development and research platform.
How to achieve the integrated interaction of business model innovation and technological innovation to build an all-win industrial ecology and achieve the value win-win covering the whole industrial chain, is what MBS has been thinking and exploring. In 2016, MBS initiated "Green Alliance" action to extend the forward-looking philosophy and excellent practices to the value chain and involve more stakeholders for innovatively solving white pollution problems and bringing more wisdom and resources together to promote the sustainable development of the industry.
MBS community stone plastic eco-friendly garbage bag project is one of the representative projects. By collaborating with the government, enterprises (proprietors), NGO and other stakeholders to distribute MBS stone plastic eco-friendly garbage bags for free, the residents (garbage source), can be guided to raise their awareness and adopt garbage classification without changing their living and consumption habits. The company also integrated the project channel resources and made innovation on mode to recycle the cost, thus achieving the all-win development.
In order to make the public be the participant, facilitator and disseminator of environmental protection, MBS took the led to promoting carbon footprint labels in the field of domestic packaging and supplies to stimulate the public’s awareness and enthusiasm for low-carbon. It also cooperated with the major media to shoot documentary along the Belt and Road, hoping to stimulate the public’s awareness and responsibility of dealing with white pollution by bringing a direct sensory shock with alarming picture.
Social benefits
Using MBS stone plastic material to replace traditional petroleum-based products not only saves plenty of petroleum resource but also reduces the emission of greenhouse gas. It is estimated that using 1 ton of stone plastic master batch can save 0.52 ton of strategic petroleum resource, and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide by 3.66 tons and 0.09 tons respectively. In 2015, MBS saved 8000 tons of crude oil and reduced 45946 tons of carbon dioxide emission. Different from traditional plastic bags hard to be decomposed, MBS plastic bags can be easily decomposed into calcium carbonate in various application and processing environment, such as natural abandon, refuse landfill and centralized incineration, without producing any poisonous gas. In 2015, 200 million environmental bags made from MBS stone plastic master batch were put into the market, reducing 760000 square meters of white trash.
MBS broke the high price of products in environmental protection industry. By greatly reducing the cost of production of plastic products, it boosts the profit for the majority of enterprises and has greatly boosted the development of the whole industry. Since the rich production resources of PCC, MBS-PCC can save up to 50% of the cost of raw materials for the large and small businesses in plastics processing industry. While keeping the good product performance of PCC, the traditional plastics processing enterprises do not need change equipment and technology, which solves the problem of supply chain applications. According to calculations, it can boost 40% of the profits in national plastics processing industry. Compare with European starch degradable materials, MBS-PCC reduces the costs by 75%.
Economic benefits
Environmental protection features, performance guarantee and cost advantages, brings a broader market for MBS products and enhances its competitiveness. In March 2013, MBS transferred technology into the scaled production, and only in two years, the annual capacity has reached up to 10,800 tons, with the output value of nearly 100 million yuan. With the continuous expansion of domestic and foreign markets, it is expected that in 2017, the MBS production line will reach 100, and the annual capacity of 540,000 tons will be achieved. In addition, by virtue of the innovative environmental advantages of MBS-PCC, MBS entered the product application filed, and expanded its product line to the technological types of plastic products, and thus further win the competitive advantage.
In the future, MBS will continue to seek better solutions, will widely apply the MBS-PCC with high performance, cost-effective and high environmental added value in cross-industry and multi-product production and services, and strive to build the industry benchmark and lead the healthy and healthy development of environmental protection industry. Through cutting-edge technology and model innovation and platform, MBS will help build more enterprises to achieve more value.
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