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Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.: To become the protector of left-behind children for their healthy growth

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Company Profile
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Fosun Pharma”), founded in 1994, is a leading pharmaceutical and health-care company in China. Its operations strategically cover several important segments of the health-care industry value-chain, including: pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution and retail as well as medical diagnosis, devices and services. Fosun Pharma maintains a state-level technology center and an international R&D team, continuously focusing on the innovation, research and development of therapeutic areas such as the metabolism and digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the central nervous system, anti-tumor and anti-infection drug.
Education in the rural areas has always been the concerns of all sectors of the society. In recent years, while the school-running conditions have been improved step by step due to intensified aid efforts from various social sectors, many other problems have emerged, such as the left-behind children, and the following concerns about their physical and psychological health. According to the report of a survey on the psychological adaptation of migrant children, in general, the incidence of their psychological problems was 58%. Thus, the psychological conditions of migrant children should receive more attention and concerns, since it can be dramatically detrimental to their healthy growth and also poses a new challenge for the development of Chinese education. 
Fosun Pharma is always faithful to its education commitment. It launched the Public Welfare Plan of “Future Star” as early as in 2010, by which it endowed schools and set up scholarships so as to improve the construction of education infrastructure in the impoverished areas and inspire students to pursue further study. As the plan has been deeply and extensively carried out, Fosun Pharma finds that what is in greater need of concerns should be the issues on the care for left-behind children.  
To solve this problem, Fosun Pharma has joined up WanBang Medical Technology, its core enterprise member , to carry out the public welfare program “Bang Project”. The major developing directions of this project include promoting rational medicine usage at grassroots level, enhancing medical conditions in remote areas, building education infrastructure in the impoverished regions and supporting poor students. 
As for supporting poor students, the project is aimed to improve the education and living conditions of children in the poverty-stricken areas in a long term, which breaks the barrier of the tradition of education donation and pays more attention to the mental-state care of children left behind.
 Building up a supportive platform to promote healthy growth of left-behind children hand in hand
By integrating their advantage resources in marketing and patient education, Fosun Pharma and WanBang Medical Technology (Fosun Pharma’s core enterprise member) have jointly built up the “Bang Project Platform for Public Welfare”, a medical experts support platform. On the basis of a group of volunteers that mainly consists of the company medical team members, the two companies call for many experts in pharmaceutical and educational circles from hospitals, medical colleges and universities to participate in the platform. By means of building one-to-one supportive relationship, they have long been concerned about the positive growth and healthy development of adolescents in impoverished mountainous areas.  
From July 7th to 21st in 2014, the care-for-the-young activity of the “Bang Project” was officially put into operation at Navy Hope Primary School in Kongke village, Sangzhi county in Hunan Province. Over 50 charity people participated in it, among which were staff from WanBang Technology, volunteers from the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine as well as 15 medical experts from Hunan Province. During the activity, experts and professors altogether formed a long-term one-to-one supportive relationship with 17 local children. Besides, WanBang Technology paid all expenses of volunteer teaching and offered free lunch by national food standard for local children. It also donated backpacks, school supplies and sport equipments to the school, as well as milk, cooking oil and washing powders to some students’ families.
In November, 2014, an activity of the “Bang Project” for public welfare that combined health-care with medical education was carried out at the Weishi Third People’s Hospital and the Wang’s primary school in Henan Province. Guo Minghao, the president of the Weishi Third People’s Hospital and goodwill ambassador of the “Bang Project”, held the first public lecture at the hospital, illustrating to family members of patients professional knowledge on medical theories, medical treatment, diet control and health management. Members of the “Bang Project” team, altogether with members of “goodwill ambassador” team that were composed of 16 invited specialists in nephrosis, visited 16 local families with the one-to-one supportive tie and showed great concerns for their health and study.
The “Bang Project”is a step taken by Fosun Pharma to support the development of Chinese education, which establishes a new model for education support and achieves a transformation from “hard support” at the material level to “soft support” at the psychological level. 
The public welfare program “Bang Project” conveys care and love to children left behind, and helps them grow up with self-confidence. Since 2014, the plan has attracted hundreds of people to join in and set a stage for 31 children to be paired with medical experts. Through the one-to-one supportive relationship, the plan gives attention to physical and psychological health of the left-behind children in a long run, which is significantly meaningful to solve psychological problems of these children and to promote their healthy growth.  
The practices of “Bang Project” promote local volunteer teaching and improve local health-care. The medical experts in the program team are highly-educated, dedicated and proficient in medical treatment. Their participation in the program will enhance the teaching level of the whole volunteer team. Besides, the public lecture given by these medical experts also play an important role in promoting rational drug usage at grassroots level, improving medical environment in the impoverished areas and enhancing medical treatment serving quality of local medical workers.
As the program is carried out in a deep-going way, an increasing number of people have joined in it, which expands the influence of the program and shows Fosun Pharma’s social commitment and responsibility to the public. In addition, the program will, to some extent, promote the brand popularity and benefits the further development of Fosun Pharma’s marketing activities.
In the future, Fosun Pharma will continue to increase investment and pay great attention to the healthy growth of left-behind children and their psychological problems. At the same time, the “Bang Project” medical program has already been in the pipeline. Fosun Pharma expects to attract more charity people to join in the project, making unremitting efforts to improve educational and medical conditions in the remote areas.  
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