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Sino-Ocean Land:Renovating courtyard with low carbon to make old residence show new green look

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Company Profile

Founded in 1993, Sino-Ocean Land is mainly engaged in the development of mid to high-end residential properties, premium office buildings, retail properties and serviced apartments; the sale of real estate and related business, landscaping, property management and hotels and club operation. Based in Beijing, Sino-Ocean Land boasts a multi-regional and diversified portfolio of both development and investment properties. By virtue of superior projects and services, the Company has firmly established the “Sino-Ocean Land” brand. The company was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 28 September 2007 and has become one of the top ten Mainland real estate companies listed in Hong Kong. In March 2008 Sino-Ocean Land was selected as a constituent of the Hang Seng Hong Kong Composite Index and the Hang Seng China-Affiliated Corp Index.


Courtyard, a kind of unique architectural form of old Beijing, has experienced hundreds of years baptize in terms of its layout design. It performs well for adjusting the climate conditions in Beijing, but is far from to meet the requirements of the modern "livable” requirement. Also, the energy consumption is a common problem for all traditional architecture. How to make the residents enjoy healthy, comfortable and modern life in a low carbon and energy saving way of life in the courtyard is becoming a real challenge to promote the value of old residence, inherit and carry forward the traditional culture.


For a long time, Sino-Ocean Land practiced its responsibility with the concept of "the drive of energy conservation and emissions reduction for sustainable development; the goal of green building for Sino-Ocean Land ".It realizes the green architecture and harmonious residence in the products, and extends green vision to the society.
Starting from 2006, Sino-Ocean Land has launched the "old community, new green" environmental public action focusing on the concept of " old community, new green ; little reform to bring big green; no waste for sustainability; heart and soul for the whole society ". This action has supported and assisted the old community to improve renovate and environment.
In 2010, the action, focusing on "low carbon", aimed to reduce energy consumption, and realize the modern and comfortable way of life by the reasonable application of low-carbon technologies. Old Beijing courtyard became the priority of “zero movement" Plan in this public action. After visit, investigation, communication and comparison, Daxing community in Dongcheng District became the choice of the demonstration project for zero carbon renovation. Sino-Ocean Land adopted traditional architecture technologies, modern architecture technologies, renewable resources and greening to renovate the courtyard.

Using traditional technology to improve living conditions

Sino-Ocean Land made full use of natural ventilation to improve the indoor thermal comfort environment, improve air quality by increasing the ceilings and opening ventilation holes on the gable house; the installation of shading bamboo screen effectively shielded the direct sunlight at noon, which adds exotic  atmosphere and sharply  reduces the time for air conditioning, greatly saved energy; the whole construction team strictly followed the old shape of the residence according to ancient technology in all process, like constructing inner insulation, air holes and ceilings etc.  

Applying modern architectural technology to make renovation

Sino-Ocean Land also applied modern architectural technology to make renovation and upgrading of the living conditions of courtyard. The use of double-layer hollow glass of broken bridge aluminum reduced the building's overall energy consumption; it also reduced the heat transfer coefficient of the wall, decreased the cold in winter, and and was like to add a layer of insulation for the wall. In addition, the company replaced the original ceramic tile with poor heat preservation performance with raised floors certified by FSC.

Using new technology and renewable resources to promote energy conservation

In the renovation, the company used energy-saving LED lamps to dramatically reduce the electricity consumption caused by lighting for the courtyard; the newly-added air conditioners were used more mature and advanced energy-saving technology and improved the efficiency of refrigeration; by equipping with ceiling fans, air-conditioning is replaced when the weather is not very hot; In winter, the regenerative heater was used to make full use of the difference of  peak-valley price to cut down the cost of heating. At the same time, the company also reduced energy consumption of courtyard life by using renewable resources. The rainwater was collected into the buried pool to irrigate green plants; the condensed water of air conditioning was recycling; the solar photovoltaic power generation was used for indoor lighting and related equipment; also, a special recycle bin was laid for collecting used paper and clinker bottle and so on. 

In addition, Sino-Ocean Land planted plants adoptable to the local climate and environment to further improve the local environment and highlight the local cultural characteristics.


The "zero carbon" measures taken by Sino-Ocean Land saved 3855 kilograms of standard coal for the demonstration project for zero carbon renovation of courtyard in Daxing community annually, equivalent to reducing 10,408 kg carbon dioxide emissions. When reducing the building energy consumption for the old Beijing courtyard, it has inherited traditional culture, enhanced living comfort and promoted the low carbon and energy conservation in a balanced way. The project provides a useful reference and popularization value for the government and other organizations to make research on the traditional and local dwelling style in Beijing, and for the old community to improve the living environment of the old courtyard.
The environmental demonstration project, entirely designed and constructed by Sino-Ocean Land, intuitively showed the environmental image of Sino-Ocean Land .meanwhile, it also became the carrier of Sino-Ocean Land to explore green building and low carbon house, bringing reference and inspiration for the new product in the future.


Sino-Ocean Land will continue to renovate courtyard by focusing on the water issues in residents' daily life, to improve the living function of old community and promote the "zero carbon" life. Constantly summarizing the experience, the company will further promote the "old community, new green" environmental public action to advocate green life and promote the improvement of the living environment in a deeper way. At the same time, it will practice of the concept of "the drive of energy conservation and emissions reduction for sustainable development; the goal of green building for Sino-Ocean Land” more solid in its main business to promote the green function of buildings, promote the harmonious communion with nature, and the sustainable development of enterprises and the society.
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