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As a CSR-focused vertical website sponsored by GoldenBee CSR Consulting and professionally supported by China WTO Tribune, CSR-CHINA (www.csr-china.net) presents latest global corporate responsibility news and spreads the value of CSR philosophy. It is the number one vertical website advancing CSR and promoting sustainability in China.

CSR-CHINA is the most influential vertical CSR portals in China. We have best professional teams in China. We have set such columns as CSR news, CSR knowledge, Best Practice and GoldenBee. We pay close attention to information on CSR management system, corporate governance, environmental protection, supply chain management, responsible investment, responsible consumption, labor rights, consumer protections, sustainable products and services, cyclic economy, conservation based economy, social innovation and others. We report latest domestic and international CSR news, share insights and results.

By building comprehensive international platform for CSR information interaction, we strive to promote corporations to perform their social responsibility, share insights, and research fruits.


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