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【Top 10 CSR Events in China】No.6 19 departments jointly issue guidelines on promoting high-quality development of foreign contracted projects


Since 2006, we have been selecting and publishing the annual list of top 10 CSR events for 14 years. China Sustainability Tribune presents you the 2019 Top 10 CSR Events in China.

NO.6 19 departments jointly issue guidelines on promoting high-quality development of foreign contracted projects

On August 29, Guidelines on Promoting High-Quality Development of Foreign Contracted Projects jointly issued by 19 departments including the Ministry of Commerce, proposed to integrate the concept of sustainable development into all aspects of foreign contracted project including selection, implementation and management in accordance with internationally accepted rules and standards, deliver excellent projects, and promote resource conservation and efficient utilization, in order to ensure the economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and create a group of "Constructed by China" brands with high-quality, sustainability, advanced technology and eco-friendliness as the core.

Reason for listing:

Guiding the high-quality development of foreign contracted projects is not only the implementation of President Xi's proposal to build "high-quality, sustainable, risk-resistant, reasonably priced, and inclusive infrastructure", but also highly consistent with the trend of sustainable infrastructure advocated by the international community.

As an industry that integrated into the global development earlier and carried out social responsibility work more systematically, China's international contracting industry has better recognized the importance of social responsibility fulfillment for improving the industry's international competitiveness. Demonstrating the green and sustainable image of "Constructed by China" will be an important foundation for the long-term stable, healthy and high-quality overseas development of Chinese enterprises.

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