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Research Report on the Overseas CSR Fulfillment of Central SOEs (2017): Central SOEs should improve the ability to fulfill their social responsibility overseas

2018-11-01Economic Information Dailyadmin0010

 The Research Report on the Overseas CSR Fulfillment of Central SOEs (2017) was issued pointed this year, pointing out that central SOEs face unpredictable political situations, cultural differences and other challenges in the process of fulfilling their social responsibilities overseas. The Report puts forward countermeasures and suggestions from two aspects.
The Report pointed out that, while the central SOEs have made remarkable progress in "going global" in recent years, their CSR performance overseas has also received much attention. On the one hand, generally, central SOEs’ operating overseas have a sense of overseas CSR fulfillment, and they are active in overseas information disclosure, democratic management, employee occupational health management, environmental protection, integrity management and social integration, and the related systems are relatively well-developed. CSR practices bring remarkable achievement. At the same time, in the process of overseas CSR fulfillment, central SOEs are also faced with restrictions, such as the lack of professional organization and talent services, lack of theoretical and practical support. The unpredictable political situation, significant cultural differences between China and foreign countries, lack of effective communication with local communities, and the misunderstanding of local residents are the main challenges facing central SOEs in their CSR fulfillment overseas.
The Report puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to promote central SOEs’ CSR fulfillment overseas from two aspects:
First, the SASAC should form a special guideline for overseas social responsibility of central SOEs, and take the initiative to carry out special promotion work to formulate the performance appraisal system, establish an performance appraisal and reward and punishment mechanism for overseas social responsibility of central SOEs, urging them to strengthen overseas information disclosure and guiding them to train CSR professionals. The domestic mainstream media should also exert their own global influence to spread the voice of the central SOEs and establish a responsible image of the central SOEs and the national image, through the multi-promotional forms and cooperation with the mainstream media of the host countries.
Second, enterprises should improve their overseas CSR management mechanisms, including overseas CSR management systems, management departments and talent teams, and also strengthen the disclosure and dissemination of overseas CSR information. To build overseas responsible brands, improve the CSR practice model, participate in the exchange of international CSR events and, engage in the formulation of relevant international standards are also important channels. They should draw on the experience of outstanding CSR performance of local companies in order to enhance the level of overseas CSR practice, establish responsible brand image, and enhance the overseas CSR influence.
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