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The 6th China Electronics and Information Technology Industry CSR Annual Summit held in Beijing


The 6th China Electronics and Information Technology Industry CSR Annual Summit was concluded in Beijing on September 12, 2018. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the summit was hosted by Chinese Electronics Standardization Association (ESA) and China Electronics Standardization Institute and co-organized by the Social Responsibility Committee under ESA and China WTO Tribune. Nearly 200 people from well-known electronic information enterprises from home and abroad, universities, research institutes, social organizations, and media attend the summit.
The annual summit themed “New Era: Social Responsibility Leading Value Innovation” summarized the CSR achievements in ICT industry, published CSR reports of ICT enterprises, and shared and exchanged international cooperation experience. The annual summit also commended outstanding enterprises and individuals, explored new ways and methods to strengthen the building of social responsibility in the new era, and drove industrial upgrading with responsibility value, so as to significantly enhance the CSR governance level in the new era.
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