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The 13th International CSR Forum held in Beijing



On June 5-6, the 13th International CSR Forum and the Award Ceremony of “2017 GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll” was held in Beijing.
This forum was hosted by China WTO Tribune, and co-hosted by CSR Europe and Council for Better Corporate Citizenship (CBCC). Themed with “A New Era of Responsibility Leading to a New Future”, this forum attracted representatives from home and abroad to jointly discuss and contribute to the solutions of sustainable development.
For this year, the host of the forum, China WTO Tribune, by referring to international and Chinese sustainability event management standards and guidelines, continued to carry out sustainability management for the all life-cycle process from forum planning, holding to improvement, so as to make the forum itself play an exemplary role for implementing sustainable concept.
Focusing on hot CSR topics with a global perspective
Featuring professional, international and value-oriented perspective, this forum responded to the call of new era, shared the latest CSR trends in the world and discussed the hot topics of social responsibility.
In the forum, representatives from Europe, Japan and Sweden introduced the latest development trend of CSR in their regions. Despite of the different concerns for different regions, there are still some forward-looking issues, such as how business contributes to SDGs, transparent governance, sustainable trade, and responsible investment. 

Stefan Crets, Executive Director of CSR Europe
 Masao Seki, Steering Committee Chairman of Council for Better Corporate Citizenship (CBCC)
Gabriel Lundström, Sustainability Manager at SEB
From the standpoint of global win-win development, the speakers also shared their views on how to strengthen the integration of global and national CSR standards and how to promote the global sustainable raw materials sourcing in value chain.
Also, GoldenBee and its European partner CSR Europe launched the Sustainability Leadership Platform during this forum. The purpose is to create an institutional framework to incubate, coordinate and promote collaboration between Chinese and European companies on the Sustainable Development Goals.
This forum set up seven parallel panels to focus on the key CSR issues:
  •  The 18th Sino-European CSR Roundtable Forum
  •  Good Business Practice from a Child Rights Perspective
  •  The 2nd Global Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing in Value Chain Roundtable
  •  Poverty Alleviation Approach in the New Era
  •  Development Forum on 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up of Foreign-invested Enterprises in China
  •  Overseas CSR Practices of Central SOEs
  •  GoldenBee Enterprises and Best Practices of Responsible Competitiveness
At the same time, well-known experts and influential entrepreneurs from Chinese and foreign organizations shared their strategic thinking on the responsibility for the new era by reviewing the CSR development  in the world and in China and citing their best practices.
The finding of GoldenBee CSR Index Report 2017: A New Era for CSR Development in China
The 5th GoldenBee CSR Index Report was released during this forum, revealing 11 major findings and proposing 7 suggestions, which indicated the best CSR practice, and visualized the CSR development in China.
It was the 11th GoldenBee research report on CSR practices in China released by China WTO Tribune, with professional support from GoldenBee CSR Consulting. For the past 11 years, the research has played the role of a telescope, through which the CSR development in China has been recognized by the international society, and become a communication tool between Chinese industries and social organizations as well as their international peers.
SDGs Initiative: Four new members for GoldenBee Global CSR 2030 Initiative
Updated from the GoldenBee CSR 2020 Initiative, the GoldenBee Global CSR 2030 Initiative, jointly initiated by China WTO Tribune and benchmarking enterprises, aims to fulfill social responsibility in a higher, broader and deeper level to promote global sustainable development, with the tag of “Common vision, Responsible competitiveness, Targeted practices, Cross-border cooperation, and Shared value”. The GoldenBee Global CSR 2030 Initiative and GoldenBee Enterprises jointly call for actions to contribute to the China's National Plan on Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and help the ultimate realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. 
This year, China WTO Tribune jointly launched the new agenda, aim, and approach with LKK Health Products Group, AmorePacific Group China, Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd, and Stora Enso Guangxi Forestry.
So far, 25 enterprises and 2 organizations have joined the GoldenBee Global CSR 2030 Initiative. Their common actions in China will contribute to the good changes of global sustainable development.
Initiator and co-initiators of GoldenBee Global CSR Initiative
GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll: 58 enterprises listed
During the forum, the 11th GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll was announced, with 58 enterprises (38 new GoldenBee Enterprises and 20 existing GoldenBee Enterprises) honored to be the models of Chinese CSR practices. Whereas, another 16 enterprises have been nominated for the GoldenBee Honor Roll.
So far, more than 3,000 enterprises have voluntarily participated in the evaluation, among which 329 enterprises have gained the title of “GoldenBee Enterprise”, synonymous with responsible enterprise in China.
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