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GoldenBee CSR Consulting provides the SMS consultancy to Beijing 2022 Organising Committee


Since April 2017, GoldenBee CSR Consulting has established expert team and work team to fully support the sustainability management system (SMS) of Beijing 2022. At present, the development of SMS has gone well and been recognized by customers, and domestic and foreign experts. After the desk research and survey, in-depth interviews, the work at the office of Beijing 2022 Organising Committee, and intensive training, we have built up contacts with 51 functional areas of Beijing 2022 Organising Committee, raised the sustainability awareness of staff in each functional area while integrating the SMS into each aspect of event preparation.
In April 2017, GoldenBee CSR Consulting was appointed as the Consultancy for SMS of Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee. Sustainability is the overall priority of the Beijing 2022.
On August 11, 2017, the Contract for the Sustainability Management System Consulting Service of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games was signed, marking GoldenBee CSR Consulting a eligible company to provide consulting services for the development and operation of SMS of the Beijing 2022.
Han Zirong, Secretary General of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (Beijing 2022 Organising Committee), and Yin Gefei, Founder and Chief Expert of the GoldenBee CSR Consulting, signed this contract at the office of Beijing 2022 Organising Committee in Beijing, China.
GoldenBee CSR Consulting will make best efforts to serve this global event and contribute to a “wonderful, extraordinary, and outstanding” Olympic Games in China.
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